Michael Jackson autopsy showed secret surgery, tattoos and skin color changed

The tragic history of Michael Jackson was placed on cosmetic surgery and poor healthcare in his independence following his death in 2009.

The King of the United States was run at the age of 50 after an overdose of propofol surgical anesthetic propofol in his home in Los Angeles.

Subsequently, his autopsy report was published as a whole, and affirmed that the Thriller star body was covered in crops.

Jackson had a puncture wound across his army, believing that he was overcoming the drugs he was disrupting in a desperate way to overcome the chronic insomnia.

Traces have also appeared on the cosmetic gastronomy he did over the years.

He had two surgical circles behind his ears and two more on each side of their calendars.

Autopsy Michael Jackson showed that lip lip was tattooed pink lips around his mouth

There were skins at the bottom of his neck and his arms and his arm.

Doctors later found that many of these were out of their various operations.

As well as making surgery to change his appearance, Jackson also had some cosmetic tattoos, including a long-lasting pink liner around his lips.

The pop star also had a stubborn patch on its dark-tattoo scalp.

Jackson was almost scary and it is believed that the patch had no hair on his head because of his death in an accident on a commercial Pepsi series in 1984.

Michael Jackson bedroom
Michael Jackson's bedroom was compared to drugs when he suffered too much dose in 2009

He was filming performance using a pyrotechnic when his hair was on the fire and was treated for a unique second and third phase fire.

The singer spent years covering the bare patch with wigs and hair pieces.

He said he was dumb at the front of his head and that the rest of his hair was reported as short and curve.

The autopsy also affirmed the truth behind Jackson's changing skin color imaging years.

The singer, pictured in 2003, changed his face over the years

The Pop King has had several pharmacy surgeries for decades

He always insisted that the appearance of the vitilago skin, which has lost patches of lost pigments, has changed its appearance over the years.

Dr Christopher Rogers, the medication that oversees independence, noted that Vitilago was suffering from Jackson, and said: "So some of the skin seems to be light and it seems that others are dark ".

The autopsy also showed that there was a lot of struggle to save Jackson after he was discovered without knowing his home on 25 June 2009.

Chest breaks and cracked blades were put down to CPR efforts from parators trying to revive it

Their attempts failed to save the King of the Pop and Jackson was later dead.

It was overthrown of Propofol, surgical anesthetia used in its operating rooms.

Jackson had a bad patch, pictured in 1986, due to his accident in a series of Pepsi announcements

Michael began singing with his brothers in the Five Five – clockwise from the left: Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson, Randy Jackson, and their father Joe Jackson (front)

Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray, was administered, subsequently convicted of involuntary students over the death of the star.

Four years were sentenced to the back of bars, but was released from prison in 2013 after a two-year stretch.

Jackson was sent back to the headlines last month after the filming of controversial information Leaving Neverland at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

Exploiting claims of sexual abuse against children on the sightings.

Jackson's family confirmed the film in a statement of disadvantage, compared to "public lynching".

The Thriller winner tried on charges that the child may have in 2004-2005 – but he was deducted from all charges.

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