Michael Jackson Estate Fight And HBO passes over "Leaving Neverland" Doc Gets

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Michael Jackson and Wade Robson Young, as shown in the document Leaving Neverland.

Less than a month before Leaving Neverland – The documentary that two men Michael Jackson will succeed in sexual abuse as children – front of HBO, Jackson's estate has raised his campaign to evict the movie before he disappears.

In writing, a 10-page letter sent to CEO HBO Richard Plepler, long-term Jackson estate lawyer Howard Weitzman calls Leaving Neverland "One-dimensional, sensationalist recipient program" and some arguments to evict both men at the center of the film, Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

The Weitzman letter largely refers to the dismissal of Robson and Safechuck, which were filed separately against the Jackson estate in 2013 and 2014 – and that an appeal is awaited – as evidence that they are using Leaving Neverland out of his cash gain.

In particular, Weitzman seeks that the terms of alleged Jackson abuse, because of its family history of suicide depression, result in the "self-reported self-reported breakdowns" in 2011 and 2012.

Meanwhile, HBO is standing up with the film, and its director, Dan Reed. In a statement to BuzzFeed News in response to the Weitzman letter on Friday, the cable-cable network said it will Leaving Neverland in two parts as scheduled on March 3 and 4. HBO also praised Reed as the winner of a prize-winning movie "who carefully documented these survivors accounts."

"People should revoke judgments until they see the movie," added the network.

The exchange is the latest way to fight quickly over the Jackson legacy. After drafting the four-hour documents at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival for rave reviews, issuing a Jackson family statement calling for "public drawing" on the movie, "maintaining the legend of pop" and will He is always 100% innocent of these false allegations. "The family was excorted Reed without interviewing anyone who knew Jackson outside of Robson and Safechuck families.

Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Leaving Neverland Director Dan Reed at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News in January, Reed responded greatly to family claims.

"What is the other side of the story?" He said. "There were people who did not abuse Michael … If they're saying, & # 39; You should interview people who have been abused by Michael Jackson, & I want to ask why, because this is a story about two young men who have been abused by Michael Jackson. You can always have people who did not harm them. "

I Leaving Neverland, Robson and Safechuck say Jackson had been engaged in sexual relations extending over a number of years. Safechuck says that the abuse began when it was 10; Robson when he was 7.

The mothers and wives of men, as well as Robson's siblings and grandmother, are outlined in the film, as Robson and Safechuck have for many decades that their relationship with Jackson – including numerous periods at the Neverland Ranch estate singer and sleep in the Jackson bedroom – and bisexual.

Among those declarations on Jackson's innocence there were statements with investigators during the 1993 scandal where Jordan Chandler, at the time of 13, allegedly criticized Jackson's sexual abuse. In 2005, Robson informed Jackson's innocence in an open court during the 2005 criminal trial on Gavin Arvizo, 13, of a sexually alleged age.

Jackson was found for all reasons, in part of Robson's strength of evidence.

In the movie, Robson explains that until he had done his son in 2011 he had seen his sexual relationship with Jackson as a misuse, resulting in nervous breakdown and subsequent policies through psychotherapy about the nature of Jackson's behavior.

However, in her letter to HBO, Weitzman claims that "the history of his family's suicide, the depression of his father's side" is "a simpler simpler explanation" for his breakdowns.

Connie Aramaki / Getty Images

Wade Robson of the County Supreme Court of Santa Barbara leaves Michael Jackson's child-minded trial in 2005.

"Robson's father suicides in 2002," followed the Weitzman letter. "Robson's first cousin's first look at his father's side suicide in 2012. Unfortunately, depression is a very sensitive disease. Therefore, Robson has not been surprised by these breakdowns."

Although Weitzman noted that he and the Jackson estate do not make any "fault or weakness" for those suffering or suffering from clinical depression "the letter also said that Robson says "rejected stubbornly and irrationally"(Weitzman's emphasis) to take prescribed anti-depression medication in 2011, and that refusal, as well as Robson's family history, could" explain much easier[s]"Breaking down Robson.

Weitzman also emphasizes Robson's work on a Jackson allegations of Jackson's allegations, especially asking his mother to help recall events that occurred when he was 7 years old, as evidence Robson should remember to remember those events.

"Robson recognizes" his "supposed" memories of these events in detail, "Weitzman puts in his letter." But Mr Reed and Robson have never explained that his mother's questions were first scored before he could tell his story. In fact, despite Neverland's first night story to tell the documents as if he were in his memory, by lodging, he acknowledged he did not know if his memory was on That night & # 39; [his] memory or herself [if] He was told [Robson] by someone else. & # 39; "

Lawchits Safechuck did not have the deposits and discovery stages ever. Instead, the Wechman letter is mentioned in Safechuck's memorability since 1989 because of believing his story. In his oath statement, says Weitzman, Safechuck claimed that Jackson had spent spending it in New York City in February 1989 when the singer was performing at the Grammy Awards, when Jackson was really at the ceremony in 1988. Since Safechuck made Jackson's abusive in June 1988 in Paris, Weitzman believes that the inconsistency of his story will succeed.

Hector Mata / AFP / Getty Images

Michael Jackson waves for fans in Santa Maria, California, in 2005.

It is clear that Safechuck's "error" here is an attempt on the story of abusing a full cloth, "Weitzman insists in the letter." Or in other words, Safechuck is just doing it as it goes. "

Finally, Weitzman clearly expresses James Baldwin's defense in 1985 on Jackson – a defense that goes before any public allegations of sexual abuse against Jackson. Baldwin is stated that Jackson will not be quickly informed "because he has turned on many tables, because he grabbed the brass ring, and there is nothing for the person who broke the bank at Monte Carlo on Michael."

"We suspect James Baldwin could not even think he would make his ring words so true today, more than thirty years later," says Weitzman in his letter. "Michael Jackson has still forgotten that he has made so many tables even ten years after he left this world forever."

A spokesman for the movie told BuzzFeed News that Robson and Safechuck did not have an opinion on the Weitzman letter. I Leaving Neverland, however, it seems that Robson was expecting the strong reaction to the movie by the estate, family, and Jackson fan.

"I want to be able to speak the truth as big as I had to speak the lie," he said.

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