Michael Jackson requires a movie estate to exceed broadcaster standards Music

Channel 4 has made a submission to a letter from the Michael Jackson estate which warns that a program of information about two men who performs the singer who hinders her program guides as boys.

The letter written by attorney Howard Weitzman, who is sent to the Associated Press, says that Leaving Neverland, which is due to be displayed in early March, says no attempt to respond to the accusers from the Jackson, family estate , from friends or others who are defending their reputation as required by channel standards for basic journalism and factual ethics programs.

The letter deals with some of the publicly available guidelines mentioned if there is a "significant allegations" show then "an appropriate and timely opportunity for those concerned" should be answered.

"I think we can all agree that the false allegations that are being made in your documentary and significant allegations," says the letter, adding "it is It is difficult to make more significant submissions that could be made against anyone. "

But no one was ever asked to respond, the letter says.

"This includes people named by name in Robson and Safechuck's" documentary "name as Jackson's intended abuse victims. Those people are carefully named and publicly denied that they have never been abused, "says the letter.

In a statement, Channel 4 said that allegations against Jackson are reconstructed in the documents by making Jackson during his lifetime. He says that the broadcast of the British official broadcasting code complies with the provision of those refusals.

"On this occasion, the person in whom the significant allegations are being made are dead. It is therefore appropriate that the lifetime refusal is included in the program," said the station.

Dan Reed challenged the previous estate criticism, and stated in a statement that he directly addressed Robson and Safechuck directly.

"Anyone who sees the movie will know that he will hear only the stories of two individuals and their families in their own words, which is a focus that we are very proud of," said Reed.

The letter has a longer letter three pages from the estate he sent to HBO Friday asking the allegations of Wade Robson and James Safechuck "sad" and want to investigate the backgrounds of men. A letter of the HBO letter was sent to the Channel 4 letter, and it does so much with the United Kingdom station, the letter says.

The two channels integrated the information account on how the life of the two men in Jackson met when they were children and heavily acclaimed and how their trauma dropped in their youths advanced in their lives elderly.

It was the first month last year at the Sundance Film Festival, where Robson and Safechuck were shocked.

The two authorities said that Jackson did not expire with them, and Robson was noticing so much in the Jackson trial in 2005, in which he was expelled from another boyfriend. Jackson died in 2009.

Both men succeeded in dismissing filing laments and are currently under appeal.


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