Michael Jackson: The “King of Pop” private property will be auctioned in a spectacular auction


During his life Michael Jackson has always carefully preserved rare pieces of his career – now the private property of the “King of Pop” is going under the hammer.

Los Angeles / New York – If you have the change, you can do it soon a bit of music history buy: New York auction house Guernsey’s offers rare collectibles from the private collection of century talent Michael Jackson († 50) until October 23, 2020 – there is no minimum bid. Among them there are unique treasures of the career of the “King of Pop” to find out – if they could even get higher prices than his recently auctioned sequin glove?

Michael Jackson: the great collection of the King of Pop: record contracts, records and more

The career of the pop star, who died in 2009, started early: parts of the collectibles that will now go under the hammer are correspondingly old. This includes, for example his first record deal with soul band The Jackson Five, in which superstar Michael Jackson began his impressive world career since 1966 alongside his brothers. The only document was also from Father Joe, who was also the manager of the band, signed.

The Jackson Five’s first record deal – signed by Michael Jackson’s father Joe – has now gone under the hammer

© Guernsey’s Auction House / dpa / picture alliance

The rare first edition of the Jackson Five single “Big Boy” will also be auctioned. Alongside gilded candelabra and carefully carved bronze figures, most of which Michael Jackson kept on the expansive grounds of his legendary Neverland ranch about 50 other decorative and furnishing objects from the property of the “King of Pop” for sale. However, these won’t be particularly cheap – memorabilia from the American legend are highly sought after by collectors and usually fetch prices. in the low to medium six-digit range.

A rare edition of the Jackson Five’s “Big Boy” is now up for auction

© Guernsey’s Auction House / dpa / picture alliance

The famous leather jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the video for the worldwide hit “Thriller” was even made in 2011 for a whopping 1.8 million dollars sold it. Many treasures the superstar once wore privately or on stage are now in the hands of wealthy collectors. But even these continue to separate from them precious collectibles: Even the current auction from Guernsey is only possible because a fan released it for auction.

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Rubriklistenbild: © Aaron Lambert / Pool / Armando Aroriyo / Guernsey’s Auction House / Bernd Wüstneck / dpa / picture alliance


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