Michigan finishes a great victory with Livers alley-oop

Michigan had a lot of frustration working against Wisconsin on Saturday.

And so, when Jordan Poole Wisconsin Free Press Breaking and the chance to run the clock, was it surprising that Poole lobbed the ball towards the edge instead? The result was very strong Lanna Isaiah Finishing the house down at Crisler Center.

The dunk cherry was superb on top of a strong performance, but put on those who were chosen to deal with "Our friends in the desert," as Brent Musburger gave them. Depending on when bettor made their picks, they will find Michigan as your favorite seven-year-old favorite eight points. And led by Michigan, 59-52 had seven points when Poole helped Livers alley-oop to expand Michigan's coverage, with a final score 61-52.

Michigan lost his first game with Wisconsin when Ethan Happ It went 26 points, 10 rebounds and seven help. But Michigan – thanks to a wonderful defense that shows from Jon Teske – ground The second game came into the dark, with Happ finishing 18 points and 11 boards, but taking 19 shots to get those 18 points and getting one help with five barriers.

Enter 35 points between Teske and Charles Matthews, and even nine strong points of perfect shooting from Livers – the last appearance seemed quite a lot of percentages – and Michigan had the need to defeat the game.

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