Michigan gas prices rise 7 cents to $ 2.59 per gallon, says AAA

DEARBORN, Mich. – AAA Michigan says that average nationwide gas prices up to 7 cents from a week ago to about $ 2.59 per gallon.

The Dearborn-based car club on Monday states that the average price for regular un-directed self-attendance is 3 cent more than a year ago. AAA says that the statewide average rose to a new 2019 high of $ 2.62 per gallon last Wednesday before easing later in the week. SEN states that further increases are expected.

The highest average in the state was about $ 2.65 gallons in the Traverse City area. The Flint area had the lowest average of $ 2.53.

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The prices in the Detroit area were about $ 2.59 per gallon, up to 7 cents a week ago.

Michigan Michigan carries out daily fuel price surveys at 2,800 gas stations across the state.

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