Michigan misses John Beilein, stunned by Penn State, 75-69


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COLLEGE OF THE STATE, Pa. – That was the disaster for Michigan basketball.

The Wolverines put on Tuesday in each of the Big Ten stands. Penn State finally stood.

6 No. Michigan was the best, but nothing was expected at Bryce Jordan Center.

The Nittany Lions took it to Michigan (22-3, 11-3 Big Ten), giving a loss of 75-69 on the Wolverines.

Michigan's defense was uncomfortable early, giving at least 40 points for the first time every season. Meanwhile, John Belenin's committee was sent out of the game at the end of the first half.

Myles Dread (2) Penn State and Josh Reaves (23) close the ball from Zavier Simpson Michigan during the first half of Tuesday in State College, Pa. (Photo: John Beale, AP)

The win would be the only guide to the Wolverines game over Michigan State at the conference stands, and put up a match on Purdue.

Instead, Michigan is joined to the Spartans after losing no expectation.

Lamar Stevens collected 26 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks to lead the Nittany Lions. Charles Matthews na Wolverines gave a 24-point shooting 8-on-11.

Here's three holdings:

Beilein took place

The last time John Belenin was sent out of the game?

The 1979-80 season, when he was a 26 year old age coach at Erie Community College (N.Y.), according to Brendan Quinn of The Athletic.

That changed Tuesday.

Beilein took two technical sounds after calling to the officials at the end of the first half. Penn State gave four free throws after half-time and left the Wolverines without their coaches for the rest of the game.

The coach assistant Saddi Washington, who was an interim coach during the demonstration demonstration by the team to Spain in August, was a leading coach in the absence of Belenin.

The first half awful

For Michigan, the first half went as bad as it could be.

The Wolverines came into one of the highest defenses on the nation – and they quickly received a salmon.

Penn State used a small ball line. Stevens, a forward 6-foot-8 forward that has a power forward, scoring 15 point points and Jon Teske centers to successfully attack.

Meanwhile, Michigan was due to it. Both initial gardaes met for 3 to 13 to shoot in the first half with four full costs. The Wolverines were not able to establish any rhythm.

Michigan came out fair, and paid the price.

The latter comes back soon

Michigan ran in the second half.

However, the half-half deficit was too difficult to overcome.

Beginning 12-2 at the 15:32 mark, Penn State resulted in the result of five and left a period of time. But the Nittany Lions got back to eight with a basket and throw them free.

Then throw off Charles Matthews, who was in charge of the team with 22 points, cutting to four at the 8:21 mark after a few minutes of play back.

There were plenty of opportunities for Michigan in the second half. But it was not possible to get it closer to two possessions.

The Nittany Lions were able to make some play around, for example a third key, blocks of transfers and baskets after stopping.

And when the Wolverines began to suffer and hit thirty late, Penn State hit a lot of free throwing to hold Michigan.

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