Michigan schools not equipped for independence & age;

Mainly I was encouraging the Nelson Mandela quote: "It seems that it's always impossible until it's done." Michigan must take this spirit of activity. Initially, of course, our education system encourages our new regulator and our legislative leaders to be put in place.

Michigan took a myopic attitude to our problems – especially education. Important data; It took a year of evidence to acknowledge the educational crisis that was affecting our state. But we often allow ourselves to be mired in a plasterboard when the progress is measured by our ability to go up, rather than leapfrog and set a new standard. We have imposed patch solutions that do not change a changing society. It was governed by applying for the hodge-podge approach related to short-term arrangements for heritage problems. Instead, let's regulate for the future.

Think of the Proposal A. Initially it is proposed that it is a short-term measure, it is still on loan for poor schools in Michigan two decades later. This report re-affirmed a new Michigan State University Michigan report dead the latest income growth in education. The world is changing, and our schools are not fitted with adaptation.

The economy and the way in which we work has changed dramatically in recent years. For example, in 1979 General Motors adopted about 5 million vehicles with approximately 853,000 employees. By 2017, it produced more than 9 million vehicles with 180,000 employees. There is no anomaly; it is our reality. With automation and robotics, manufacturers are producing 47 percent more than they did 20 years ago, with 29 per cent fewer workers.

Technology is no longer automatic automation of manual work, it is identifying automation. Studies consider that human information was duplicating every 25 years by the mid-1940s. Today, all 13 months are assessed, and it is hoped to double technological advances every 12 times in the future.

The workplace will not be the same. Our job is to prepare students to survive in the world of autonomous factories, precision medicine and artificial information that everything has from surgical tables to fast food counters. Although our prison age is independent, our education system is still preparing a student for non-early jobs. Our old playbooks will not work for the next generation. We need to enable our children to guide a future rather than being a victim.

Learning these businesses is the hard way. Kodak was, for example, who was in charge of the photo industry. Despite the early digital camera users and some online photography, he lost his long-term position on the market as he was not happy to re-examine the fundamental business model that he really relied on. Its story is a prime example of the speed acceleration of data and information. In 2000, Kodak announced that its consumer's 80 billion photos over its 112 year history. Instagram only took eight years to achieve more than 40 billion photo and video shares.

It requires that in the future be part of the fact that he is willing to worry about the past with the past, and today.

The children must be empowered to manage the real transformation of technology. They need access to tools, technology and supports that they want to teach them how to strengthen and adapt their unique human talents into a changing world. To guide this predictable future, children need a core skill:

  • Subject – ability in main subjects and ability to learn continuously.
  • Communication – speaking, writing, reading and listening.
  • Cooperation – creation of relationships, staff and community.
  • Critical thinking – knowingly erasing and examining information.
  • Creative innovation – using information and resources in new ways.
  • Confidence – Stability and acceptance of risk.
  • Although it is a bit satisfied, it is an opportunity to define the future age of independence. It will not be focused on quarterly analysts and short-term arrangements. Cooperation for the future requires co-operation that focuses on real objectives and effort from all of us – government, businesses, non-profit and all other sectors.

The launch of Michigan – a business group, education, labor, family, civic leaders and parents – is a wonderful example of this kind of creative collaboration. His work is just starting but I hope that our schools will have a powerful and, in turn, our economic impact.

Together, we can define the future.

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