Michigan score vs. Wisconsin: Wolverines stresses late to punish Burglars and stay on top of Big Ten

With the right of the top of wholesale oil hanging units, Charles Matthews, a star of Michigan, turned across the lane, turned off on high screen defenders, disrupted Nate's confusion. Reuvers faces Wisconsin before him on the baseline. Matthews knew what he had – and with 90 seconds left, he liked it. He did not take any time to pull up a jumper and drill him to give a two-point bid to an AM, which benefited from the 61-52 advantage when the horn announced in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Saturday .

Matthews was the star of the exhibition as handled No. 7 Michigan No. 19 Wisconsin to improve 11-2 in a fun play. He was one of the biggest performances in Big Ten who played this season when he scored 18 high team points and put two injuries and two assists. In a game where UM had as many points as many points, it was also among its most timely performances of the season. The Wolverines scored almost 15 minutes of game activity and seven lead changes took place and two tied before the opportune bucket Matthews in the time of a crunch who sealed the victory.

Box scores can be remembered, but do not let the final score fool you. Wisconsin was the best team – and the player was better – much of this game. The great man of Ethan Happ Burger was dominant in the first half, scoring 14 points at the same time when Bucky kept things close. But the dream got into serious trouble soon, and his mojo was thrown out; He had only four points in the second half, and he had seven of his 10 losses after half a time.

Wisconsin started Michigan's first loss in the season in mid-January, so this is a very good taste for the Wolverines 22-2 in front of his crowd at home. Now, they can also put things on the control of a cruise. It is a road crash emerging in Penn Town on Tuesday before there will be a favorable four-game stretch including three home games. The opportunity to build and reduce their lead in the series.

In the case of Wisconsin (17-7, 9-4), it is considered a lost opportunity to stay at speed and could be completed at the top of the conference, but there is nothing more. The Burglars came to get straight, so there was always a high-ranking road over a top 10 team. There would be a hit win. They will find Michigan State and Illinois at home in match games, which could provide bounceback opportunities to reinforce their resume.

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