Michigan to throw the 1989 season championship uniform against the State of Michigan State

ANN ARBOR – Thirty-three years of age, the Michigan men's basketball team won their NCAA Tournament single tournament in the history of the program. On February 24, in a game against the State of Michigan, the Wolverines will honor this team with uniforms.

The program announced the decision and the jumper exposure in a tweet on Wednesday night, "Honor for the past. Ready for the future."

There is a large block & M; The jerseys and corn shorts mean "Michigan" in each cap. The number of jumper, in white, is visible on the front side left as a wellas on the back. The shorts on the side have thick blue strips and there is a block & # 39; M. & # 39;

Unlike the uniforms of 1989, which were blue or white, these are maize, Michigan's color is now regularly for big games. The game – the first of two regular-season meetings with the Spartans – out of corn.

The initial response from fans, on Twitter, was at least positive and positive, although many of the results of the competition are more important than a fashion statement.

Michigan is the sixth class in the country, 22-3. Michigan State is 20-5 and ranked 11th. Both are tied to the Big Ten at 11-3.

The Wolverines won the last two seasons, one in East Lansing and one in both Big Ten Tournaments.

The costume of 1989 has costume for Michigan in the past, although this is the first time since it came to Jordan brand school.

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