Mićić: United forces to solve certain problems in the economy

There are problems in the economy and this is not the best environment for doing business, so we should try to solve it by joining forces with the city of East Sarajevo and the municipalities within the city, said Vinka Mićić, director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of East Sarajevo today.

She told journalists before the working meeting in Pale on the topic of “Looking at current issues and improving mutual cooperation” that they are a business association and their main task is to improve the business environment.

Mićićeva adds that two years ago, together with the president of the East Sarajevo Regional Chamber of Commerce, LJubiša Tanić, they had visions to deal with topics from the economy, after which they analyze what has been done.

“For the past period, we have covered a lot of topics from construction, tourism, the law on public procurement, fire protection. A large part of the problem was presented and we gave some guidelines for improvement to the representatives of the city of East Sarajevo and the local communities within the city. Today we have a meeting with them to see after two years if any of these issues have changed,” Mićić said.

According to her, they dealt with topics in the field of construction, considering that the recent earthquake in Turkey sent a warning that everyone must work in that field, because licenses are misused in the supervision of the buildings themselves.

She says that in the field of tourism, they have seen that there is not enough collection of the residence tax, which needs to be fixed, and in order to succeed in this, all levels of government must work together.

“The Chamber of Commerce does not have executive power, but gives certain guidelines and proposals. It is up to the authorities at the higher levels of government whether they will improve some things or not,” Mićić said.

The mayor of East Sarajevo, LJubiša Ćosić, says that he expects concrete proposals from the Regional Chamber of Commerce of East Sarajevo on what the city and municipal authorities can do, in order to meet the challenges that exist in the field of economy and solve them as quickly as possible.

He thinks that today he will come out with conclusions and concrete proposals.

The Mayor of Pale Boško Jugović states that he will discuss the economic environment, especially the economic and energy challenges in which the Republika Srpska is now, the environment and Europe.

“We will have questions about energy, the economy, jobs, which are only realized through the economy. We will see how local communities can respond to these challenges and how they can create their own budgets and investment activities, but also apply for funds and what will happen with the European and World Bank due to the increase in interest rates. We hope that everyone will turn to economic resources,” he said.

Jugović says that this is the first meeting from which, he hopes, he will draw conclusions on the basis of which he will work further, given that the East Sarajevo Chamber of Commerce has made many strides and has become a representative institution.

( / Srna)


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