MICRO teams up with MIB to launch a “Service Excellence” offensive game, starting to meet tent customers, partners across the country.

Micro Leasing Public Company Limited or MICRO is teaming up with Micro Insurance Brokers (MIB) to launch a “Service Excellence” strategy, a road show to meet tent customers across the country. Pilot to penetrate the north-eastern market and the lower northern area first Create an advantage to expand business opportunities Currently, there are more than 600 partner tents across the country. To connect the Ecosystem Platform to complete the financial business

Mr. Wisan Buranasantikul, Managing Director of Micro Leasing Public Company Limited or MICRO, an operator of used truck loans and other types of loans with used trucks as collateral The “Service Excellence” strategy revealed that “MICRO and MIB join forces to meet the needs of marquee partners for full range of business operations Participate in discussions to create opportunities to expand business exchange of ideas Create an advantage in the market and present information and guidance that benefits business operations by starting road show activities to meet customers in late 2022 to 2023 piloting in the Northeast Udon Thani Province and Surin Province and the lower North Phitsanulok Province Currently, more than 600 partner tents have been distributed in key regions across the country. Ready to move forward to expand the number of tents more. Increase access to more used truck customers.”

“Micro Leasing Push forward a strategy to connect products and services under the business ecosystem platform to generate revenue from products and customers in all business groups of Micro. including expanding the broad customer base Aiming to improve the potential of partners and partners and extending to companies in the Micro business group, namely Micro Insurance Broker Co, Ltd operating non-life insurance and life insurance brokerage businesses. Micro Plus Leasing Co., Ltd. which provides motorbike hire purchase loans and includes Micro Fin Co, Ltd, which is in the process of preparing to provide personal loan business services. This creates a complete business ecosystem in line with the core micro-leasing strategy,” said Mr Wisan.

Mr Suporn Chatchavalaphong, Managing Director of Micro Insurance Broker Company Limited or MIB, operates non-life insurance and life insurance brokerage businesses. that added “The objectives of the “Service Excellence” strategy, from the site visit to inspecting the business practices of the partner partners. This makes it possible to understand the limitations and obstacles in offering small insurance brokers insurance, showing the opportunity to operate an insurance brokerage business. can help support the core business of micro-leasing to provide an effective and comprehensive service.”

Khun Wisan added that MICRO Group is currently facing a challenging economic situation all around. Both natural disasters are factors that affect demand. and supply to the credit demand of the retailers In addition, the economic slowdown Inflation from rising living costs but also under the supervision of an experienced professional sales team In addition, it has more than 25 branches covering all regions, specializing in assess, analyze, and the company’s business segments to complement its products and services. effective Promoting partner tents to become a microleasing family that grows together. for sustainable prosperity

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