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Microid announces new title “Arkanoid –Eternal Battle” of “Arkanoid” | Game information site Gamer

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“Arkanoid –Eternal Battle” is a new title of the breakout game “Arkanoid” in collaboration with Taito. The development will be handled by the studio Pastagames, which has worked on “Rayman Legends,” “Pang Adventures,” and “Pix the Cat.”

Microid announces new title “Arkanoid –Eternal Battle”

Today, French game publisher Microids (Headquarters: Paris) announced the first new game “Arkanoid –Eternal” in collaboration with Taito, following the announcement of a new game development agreement with Taito in September. Battle (Arkanoid-Eternal Battle) “will be announced. It will be developed by Studio Pastagames, which has worked on popular games such as Rayman Legends, Pang Adventures, and Pix the Cat, and is scheduled to be released in 2022.

This game, called a breakout masterpiece, can be experienced or re-challenged in a completely modernized version. Arkanoid-Eternal Battle features different modes: solo and multiplayer. Of course, the classic elements of the game are revived, and veteran players will be amazed at the new effects, bonuses and tricks!

“Arkanoid” is an arcade game developed by Taito in 1986, and a number of series have been produced to date, 35 years after its release. Arkanoid is a story about a spaceship (SPACECRAFT) “VAUS” that escaped from the mother ship “ARKANOID” attacked by a mysterious small fighter and is captured in a different dimension labyrinth. Baus, who wanders in the different dimensional labyrinth, destroys the block called “SPACEWALL”, and the ultimate goal is to stop the function of the dimensional fortress “DOH” that created the different dimensional labyrinth.

Fabien Delpiano, founder and owner of Pastagames, describes his arkanoid experience: “It was a dark arcade called” Automata “at 54 Jean Medesin Boulevard, Nice, Southern France. Surrounded by neon lights, there were many races from bikers to high school students. At the age of fifteen, a normal 15-year-old who was trying to get past his adolescence, he took a breather in an arcade game of manipulating a metal ball joystick. I have my own story with Arkanoid. Years later, I am very happy to be together again. “

Taito’s Masakazu Suzuki, Executive Officer, said, “We are very pleased to have the popular title released by Taito 35 years ago arranged in a modern style from the trusted Microid company. Old fans alone I think that the content will be very satisfying for new players, so please look forward to it. “


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