Micronics, Mecha ZK1 Warp WK-1 special sale in offline stores

Hanmi Micronics (CEO Kang Hyeon-min, hereinafter referred to as Micronics) is selling its flagship gaming keyboards ‘MECHA ZK1 (v2)’ and ‘WARP WK-1’ at a special price at Emart’s offline stores only. Through this event, users can purchase two gaming keyboards for 39,900 won.

Mecha ZK1 (V2) has a distinctive design based on a high-tech concept. The thick straight line was emphasized to make the overall strong power feeling, and the future-oriented image was enhanced with colorful Lumina RGB LED lights. The off-road design that allows you to see between the key cap and the transparent switch conveys a unique sense. Lumina RGB LED provides a total of 15 lighting effects, so users can set and use them as they wish, and with 5 personal settings, it is possible to save and recall favorite effects instantly.

▲ Micronics Mecha ZK1(V2) gaming keyboard.

Based on the second-generation manic axis switch, which focuses on durability and key feel, and to reduce the sibilance and ringing sound that occurs during use due to the nature of mechanical keyboards, thick 3T sound absorbing material is used to r product to focus more on the sound and feel of the keyboard switch It also includes a dedicated detachable palm rest that eases the burden on the keyboard wrist, enabling more comfortable typing.

The product includes three types: blue (click), red (linear), and brown (non-click), so you can choose according to your taste, such as touch feeling, sound, and input speed, and cherry style stabilizers. are applied to the spacebar, shift, and enter keys.

It also provides the performance and convenience needed for a gaming keyboard. Multimedia dials and buttons to control volume and play audio sources are placed on the product. It supports a 1,000 Hz polling rate that sends and receives signals 1,000 times per second and an infinite simultaneous input function, so you can quickly input many keys at the same time. Fabric cables and anti-noise filters are also used to reduce the connection between lines and prevent unwanted signals from entering.

▲ WK1 Warp Micronics Gaming Keyboard
▲ WK1 Warp Micronics Gaming Keyboard

The Warp WK-1 gaming keyboard has a design inspired by the dynamic shape of a warp drive in a sci-fi movie. The streamlined design and metallic texture made a point. The keyboard has a two-tone design and is rather monotonous by configuring two colors, silver/white and grey/black. At the bottom of the product, you can enjoy colorful RGB effects by applying LED line, and you can apply 15 colorful LED modes. With the 2nd generation manik axis switch (blue axis, brown axis, red axis), it even provides options according to the user’s taste.

As a gaming keyboard, a fabric cable and anti-noise filter are applied to reduce line tangles and reduce unwanted signals to support accurate input. In addition, it is possible to configure a gaming environment without delay even for a short moment, such as a polling rate of 1,000 Hz and infinite simultaneous input.


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