Microsoft Edge Canary is testing a new “Drop” feature that enables cross-platform device sharing, storage of files and notes

There are often several productivity tools used by modern people. Although browsing records, bookmarks, etc. can be opened on the same browser across platforms, you must find another way for notes or files, such as seeking other services that can be synchronized in the cloud. to be used across platforms. In the latest update to the Canary version of the Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft has brought an interesting new productivity-oriented feature that allows users to store and share files across devices and platforms from within the browser.

Microsoft Edge Canary is testing a new “Drop” feature that lets you share and store files and notes across devices

In the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser Canary, a productivity feature “Drop” has been imported. This new feature has a dedicated sidebar panel like collections, history, and math solvers, allowing users to store and share across devices and platforms. document notes, etc. The idea of ​​Drop is to provide users with a space that is not limited by the platform to store various content. You can directly drag and drop any file, or create comments by typing in the message box. After synchronization, the content in Drop will be available in the Drop. It can be accessed from Edge browsers on other computers and mobile devices, provided that your Edge browser must be logged into the same Microsoft account.

Overall, Microsoft Edge’s Drop feature is somewhat similar to Telegram’s Saved Messages feature, a dedicated space where you can store whatever you want in Messager. It’s just that unlike Telegram’s unlimited cloud storage, Microsoft Edge’s Drop feature seems to rely on free space in OneDrive. In Drop, you can set the display of Edge QRCode for downloading on mobile devices and the storage indicator of OneDrive.

As of now, only some users of Microsoft Edge Canary 104 have received this test function, which is part of the few test functions that Microsoft controls, so not every user who has installed the Canary version can immediately enjoy testing this new function. . If you really want to see if you have the luck to be a part of the test, you can install and open Microsoft Edge Canary, and after entering the settings, check from the Appearance item to see if there is a Drop item.

What’s the difference between Keep and Notes for iOS?

Many people will use Keep and the iOS memo application to record notes and content that need to be cross-platform, and the file part is handled by the cloud drive, but this must be done by opening other windows or applications. The biggest difference between the Edge browser’s Drop and them is that you don’t need to leave the window you are currently using, you can take notes and share from the sidebar, which is more immediacy for those who want to write down ideas or annotations immediately. In addition, due to the characteristics of the browser, it is more flexible and free to use than iOS’s memo which is limited to Apple’s devices.

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