Microsoft Enhances Xbox Game Pass Subscription Service Xbox Design Lab Enters Taiwan Market in Summer Samsung’s New TVs Can Stream Xbox Games Directly to the Cloud (178337)

The Xbox Design Lab, a customized service for Xbox controllers, plans to enter the Taiwan market this summer, and the Chinese market will be launched on September 1, but the official launch time will be January 1 next year.

In an earlier announcement, in addition to emphasizing that Microsoft will promote the development of games under the Xbox brand for the next 20 years, it also announced a number of updates, including bringing Xbox cloud streaming games to Argentina and New Zealand, and bringing Xbox services to Samsung The 2022 smart TV also announced that it will join the Project Moorcroft project in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, allowing users to test more new games first, and the Xbox Design Lab, an Xbox controller customization service, is also confirmed to enter Taiwan this summer. market.

Enhanced Xbox Game Pass subscription service

In this announcement, Microsoft has decided to join the project called Project Moorcroft in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, which is expected to be officially launched next year. Users can preview the upcoming games of many independent developers and exchange with the development team through trial play. To help more independent developers create interesting and creative game works.

In addition, for users who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, Microsoft plans to provide a way to stream through the cloud before the end of this year, and play games that some players have paid for or are not included in the Xbox Game Pass game library.

The cloud streaming game service included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan will be open to beta testing in Argentina and New Zealand from now on. At the same time, the Xbox app will also be available on Samsung’s 2022 smart TVs, which can be accessed through the Samsung Gaming Hub Or use Samsung Media Hub to log in to your personal Microsoft account, and even play games through cloud streaming through Samsung TV.

Enhanced gaming experience on Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge browsers

Other updates include the enhancement of the Windows 11 operating system and the gaming experience on the Microsoft Edge browser, including opening the use of automatic HDR, and the variable refresh rate (VRR, Variable Refresh Rate) function, which can also be used with screens that support HDR display output. Correction is made automatically, and the Game Pass Widget has been updated in Windows 11, and the Controller bar function has also been updated, which is convenient for users to return to the game content through the control handle faster, or to enter the cloud streaming game faster.

If you use the cloud streaming game service through the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 11 environment, you can use the Clarity Boost technology to make the streaming game screen clearer, and you can also quickly connect to games such as “Microsoft Solitaire”, “Blast” through the new version of the game menu. Comet, even the surfing mini-game originally hidden in the Microsoft Edge browser, can also turn on the performance mode in the Windows environment, thereby making the game run more smoothly and adding more personalized style settings.

Xbox Controller Customization Service Xbox Design Lab Enters Taiwan Market in Summer

As for Xbox Design Lab, a customizing service for Xbox controllers that has been launched in markets such as the United States, it will be launched in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia and Switzerland. , and plans to enter the Taiwan market this summer, the Chinese market will be launched on September 1, but the official launch time will be January 1 next year.


In addition, Microsoft also announced the addition of more customization options to the Xbox Design Lab, including adding softer pinks, oranges, greens, and purples, and adding new camouflage shells, including mineral camouflage, arctic camouflage, forest camouflage, and sand light. Camouflage and flame camouflage options.

In addition to this announcement, Microsoft will also join hands with Bethesda Games to announce more new game news at 10:00 a.m. West Coast time on June 12 (1:00 a.m. Taiwan time on June 13).

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