Microsoft is testing a new feature of MS Edge, ‘Touch Mode’

Edge touch mode (source: windowslatest)

Foreign media reported on the 13th (local time) that Microsoft (MS) is testing the ‘touch mode’ for users of the web browser ‘MS Edge’ Canary build.

Edge’s new touch mode greatly improves the web browsing experience on touchscreen-capable tablets or computers. Users can activate the function directly, and an ‘auto’ option is provided to automatically activate the edge when the browser detects tablet use.

When the ‘touch mode’ function is activated in Edge, the corners of different UI elements in the browser are changed to a rounded design, and the space between each part of the browser is expanded. Currently, Edge’s “touch mode” only changes the size of the tab strip, so you can easily drag and drop tabs or close tabs without accidentally opening another tab on a PC that supports touch screens.

It is not yet known when the ‘touch mode’ being tested in the Canary build will be officially rolled out.

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