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Microsoft (hereinafter referred to as MS) announced that it has released ‘As Dusk Falls’, an interactive drama game depicting the feud between two families, on multiple platforms such as Xbox Game Pass, console, and PC.

‘As Dusk Falls’, the first work of developer INTERIOR/NIGHT, is a game with the themes of family, sacrifice, and recovery. Various scenarios such as collisions appear.

As Dusk Falls is supported by the Xbox Game Pass for PC, console and cloud, and is also available for purchase on Steam, Windows, and the Xbox Series X|S and One consoles.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can access games directly from Xbox consoles, Windows PCs and mobile devices to the cloud without installation, and can play games with touch control without a wireless controller when playing games from mobile devices to the cloud.

In addition, various play modes such as solo, multiplayer, and broadcasting (streaming) are provided. In Solo mode, one gamer can take control of the story alone and enjoy the game without anyone else’s intervention, while in Multiplayer mode, create a lobby and invite up to 7 friends to play online multiplayer, co-op or mixed play. You can play the game in the form.

In addition, it supports cross-platform where users can enjoy games together even when using different platforms. When using the multiplayer function, the conversations and actions of the characters in the game are decided by a majority vote through voting. Broadcast mode allows gamers to connect to their Twitch account to stream games, and includes the ability to vote and count in real-time for game options in a chat window.

Meanwhile, along with the game, the As Dusk Falls Companion App has also been released and can be downloaded and used for free on iOS and Android devices. The app acts as an input device that can control the game’s actions with a mobile device. You can use it when you own the game and the game platform and mobile device are connected to the same network.

As Dusk Falls

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