Microsoft launches Surface Pro 7+, prices start at 30,900 baht

Unveils the all-new Surface Pro 7+ in the Surface for Business family that is both superior in appearance. And mobility Secure connection to all operations For business and education for all-scenario deployment and Surface Hub 2S 85 ”shipping to business and education customers this March.

Bangkok – 20 January 2021 – Microsoft officially launches Surface Pro 7+ for business and education customers in Thailand. To enhance the work efficiency And supports off-site and hybrid operation as smoothly as possible It will be released on February 8, 2021 through resellers, Microsoft’s business customers in Thailand include Add in Business and Ciphermed, while the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will be available to customers in Thailand from March 1, 2021. Through resellers, Surface Hub is CipherMED and ESCO to support enterprise customers the perfect connection between digital and offline work in the hybrid era.

Surface Pro 7+ starts at 30,900 baht in black and platinum colors, available in Thailand. It comes with a LTE Advanced option for small and medium businesses to large corporations. So that employees can remain connected even when the home WiFi signal is limited. The latest 85-inch Surface Hub 2S gives business customers more flexibility to work together. Meet the working needs of the digital age that are ready to turn any area into a meeting space to connect ideas immediately. With a starting price of 927,900 baht

“Surface is more than just a device. Because it helps to drive strategy for the business We are committed to designing technologies that promote productivity. Creative And working connection To eventually lead people to success Last year we had a chat with customers. Be ready to listen to their work paths that have to change all forms of work to work outside. By the talk that took place Along with in-depth research Provided by the Applied Science Group, it helps us to understand the rapidly changing needs of our customers, ”said Ms. Chanikarn Prananan, Deputy Managing Director. Marketing and Operations, Microsoft (Thailand) said, “And this is an integral part of our Surface development process to give our business customers the confidence that we are listening. And directly develop our products “

Microsoft discovered four key learnings from our customer discussions and research:

The future of work and learning will be more inclusive and require more flexibility: The perspective on working from anywhere has changed, with 82% of managers saying they will have a more flexible work-at-home policy. After the epidemic and 71% of employees want to continue working from home at least for some time Many people divide some of the space in their home into work areas. While some people move to work in different places. In order to be able to work efficiently And able to work with others

Connectivity is critical in today’s business practice: when many people in a household are connected from home. Causing the network usage to be dense Therefore, people in the home turn to the mobile phone hot spot more often during meetings. Because the internet signal cannot be supported

Talking on camera It’s a new definition of face to face: Microsoft has learned from research that people now feel more empathetic. And when talking through video calls, it was found that They have a better perspective on living at home. That seems to be even more valuable As well as being a part of working long distance with everyone in the same meeting room.

An end-to-end security system from offline to the cloud, because it takes even more precedence: many organizations want the stability and security of their data and processes To be able to work remotely and hybrid. Therefore, the equipment used needs to be fully qualified in terms of safety to be able to cover it from start to finish. Provide the desired performance To maintain business continuity

Surface Pro 7+ for Business

Surface Pro is the most widely recognized Surface device in enterprise and education customers. Microsoft, thank you for the inspiration. And the feedback from Surface usage from customers always To continue its signature product, the Surface Pro, Microsoft is introducing LTE Advanced, another option for the Surface Pro 7+, the most demanding feature. That will ensure a smooth connection whether you are working at home. Or a place with limited WiFi bandwidth

Surface Pro 7+ is equipped with the latest 11th Generation Intel® Core ™ processors, delivering up to 2.1x faster performance than its predecessor and up to 15 hours longer battery life. Pro 7+ also gives people the flexibility to work whenever and wherever they want. With a fully integrated connection to the docking station Or various chargers With a variety of ports, such as USB-A and USB-C ™, Microsoft also helps and complements every aspect of both work and entertainment life. This device is equipped with a front and rear camera. It delivers video resolution up to 1080p Full HD, coupled with crystal clear sound from Dolby® Atmos speakers and dual Studio Mics microphones.

Surface Pro 7+ comes with a lightweight body. With materials that consider the environment They are 23% lighter than previous models and are made from 99% natural fiber materials, 64% of which are recycled materials. These innovations reflect Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

The Surface Hub 2S 85-inch will ship in March.

Many organizations are aware of the importance of large display screens. And a hybrid collaboration device, the Surface Hub.The 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will be shipping to business and education customers in Thailand beginning March.

The Surface Hub 2S 85-inch will allow customers to take advantage of Windows 10 Pro configurations and corporate settings. This allows users to run all their business-critical applications on a high-resolution 85 ” PixelSense ™ Display 4K multi-touch screen that can actually be written digitally on the screen. It also features Microsoft Teams-certified audio and video to deliver a new level of functionality. With an onboard sensor kit as well

Designed with security, deployment capabilities And open to manage as needed

For the first time ever, Surface Pro 7+ will come with Windows Enhanced Hardware Security enabled out of the box. This device can be managed and updated via the cloud from the first time it is turned on. It will take care of the complete use of the machine without needing to rely on IT staff to touch the machine. Users can have peace of mind in terms of security without compromising on the user experience of both workers and students – this is Microsoft’s success in bringing UEFI firmware (new BIOS). And the Windows platform to integrate And also shared Microsoft UEFI openings on GitHub as Project Mu.

Additionally, Surface brings Microsoft’s latest deployment capabilities, Windows Autopilot, to help deliver factory-direct-to-home delivery. Comes with safety Applications and settings available by Windows Autopilot allow users to manage their devices themselves online. Connect and work as efficiently as possible. And reduces the time it takes to start using a new device Without the need for IT department time

Microsoft recognizes the importance of customers in controlling and managing their own data, allowing Surface Pro 7+ to continue to feature removable SSDs for data retention to support enterprise security and privacy needs; and Semester This feature, along with Microsoft BitLocker protection, makes it easy for users to preserve sensitive data. If anything happens to my device

Distributors and prices

Surface Pro 7+ for business and education customers It will be officially released in Thailand on February 8, 2021 through resellers.Microsoft’s business customers include Add in Business and Ciphermed, while the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will be able to ship customers in Thailand from March 1. 2021 through resellers, Surface Hub is CipherMED and ESCO.

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Prices of the latest models available in Thailand. Is as follows

(* Average price calculated from USD)

The product Price including VAT (baht) *
Surface Pro 7+
Surface Pro 7+ i3/8/128 Platinum 30,900
Surface Pro 7+ i5/8/128 Platinum 33,900
Surface Pro 7+ i5/8/256 Black and Platinum 43,900
Surface Pro 7+ i7/16/256 Black and Platinum 52,900
Surface Pro 7+ i7/16/512 Black and Platinum 67,900
Surface Pro 7+ i7/16/1TB Platinum 81,900
Surface Pro 7+ i7/32/1TB Platinum 95,900
Surface Pro 7+ i5/8/128 LTE Platinum 39,900
Surface Pro 7+ i5/8/256 LTE Platinum 48,900
Surface Pro 7+ i5/16/256 LTE Platinum 55,900
Surface Pro 7+ Accessories
Surface USB-C Travel Hub 3,900
Surface Dock 2 9,900
Surface Arc Mouse Black and Light Grey 2,900
Surface Mobile Mouse Black and Platinum 1,200
Surface Pen Charcoal and Silver 3,900
Surface Pro Type Cover Black 4,900
Surface Pro Signature Type Cover Black 5,900
Surface Hub 2S 85” 927,900

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