Microsoft releases an updated version of Windows 11

Microsoft (MS) announced that it will release an updated version of the Windows 11 PC operating system.

On the 20th (local time), Microsoft explained that this version is the first major update of Windows 11, about a year after the official release of ‘Windows 11’ in October last year.

In the updated version, changes were made to the Start menu. In Windows 11, the Start menu moved from the left side of the screen to the center, but this time it has been expanded to make all the apps installed on the system available as folders in the Start menu.

The ability to set live captions, which is useful when speaking in different languages ​​or holding meetings in a rather noisy environment, has also been updated.

In ‘preview’ form, a ‘voice control’ function that allows users to control the computer with words rather than keystrokes or mouse clicks is also included.

Along with the video editing functionality, the ‘Snap Design’ for multitasking has also been upgraded. Video and audio have been improved during video conferencing and video calls, and an energy saving function has been added.

Microsoft added, “Privacy and security are our top concerns,” adding that “Windows 11 is the most secure version of Windows.”

Windows 11 users can install new updates by clicking the OK button in the Settings app, and Windows 10 users must check if it can be run on their PC.

The number of Windows 11 users was 13% in August, but it is steadily increasing from 2.6% in January. Windows 10 support, which accounts for 72% of the total, will end in 2025.

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