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Charles LamannaMicrosoft Global Vice President, National Application Development Platform, Microsoft Business Application Division

Microsoft Power Platform is reinventing software development with no-code intelligence powered by AI. On March 16, Power Platform announced that Copilot, an “intelligent co-pilot” would be added to Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents, to further popularize development and enable more people to create innovative solutions through natural language. Now, if you can imagine a solution and describe it in simple, everyday language, Copilot can help you create it through an intuitive and intelligent low-code experience. The “smart co-pilot” Copilot will help accelerate the development of national developers and professional developers.

Since 2021, Power Platform is committed to providing an AI-driven development experience for all developers. Power Apps is one of the first products to apply GPT for commercial use. The rapid design function in Power Apps can help creators to automatically convert Figma drawings, images and documents into application UI. This combination of AI and low code will revolutionize the way solutions are built and will fundamentally change the way people work, collaborate and create.

what isPower Platform Copilot?

With Copilot, Power Platform brings AI assistants to Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate. This means that developers have a “smart co-pilot” who participates in the work in real time to help them build solutions. Whether it’s creating applications, processes or robots, you only need to describe the requirements in natural language, and Copilot can Be in minutes Complete in seconds, with suggestions for improvement, the process whole very simple.

  • Copilot in Power AppsIt allows you to easily put data in the middle of every program. Simply describe the purpose of your application, and Copilot will automatically generate the data table. Developers can also customize the application to meet different needs by having a natural language dialogue with Copilot. Now everyone can build apps, and professional developers can spend more time focusing on more complex code, components and integrations. Learn more about Copilot in Power Apps.
  • Power Automate can digitize tedious business processes and improve efficiency.Copilot in Power AutomateEfficiency has been further improved by automating the creation process. No matter how complex the requirements, developers can use natural language to create them in seconds. Microsoft Power Platform envisions that with Copilot in Power Automate, developers can dramatically reduce application time to market. Based on a forecast release in October 2022, we have already seen a 50% reduction in the time to develop Power Automate workflows using Copilot. Learn more about Copilot in Power Automate.
  • Intelligent chatbots must be designed to handle a wide range of topics, be able to respond, and have background knowledge, and building such a bot, even with low code, takes time. Now,Copilot is Power Virtual AgentsIt can help developers build and customize robots quickly, and build intelligent chatbots in minutes. Developers can use Copilot’s generative artificial intelligence to create and improve topics in natural language, which accelerates the development of chatbots. Learn more about Copilot at Power Virtual Agents.

through productiveAIImprove the user experience

In addition to Copilot, and the recent introduction of GPT models in AI Builder to create text chat accelerators and Power Virtual Agents (conversation boosters), Microsoft announced another set of artificial intelligence capabilities across the Microsoft Power Platform: including support for GPT in Power Apps Chatbots embedded in Power Apps to simplify the user experience and provide in-app assistants; also includes GPT-enabled data exploration in Power Apps, enabling end users to intelligently query data for instant and actionable insights. For more information, visit this link.

Use your imagination to innovate

Low code provides opportunities for users of all skill levels to build solutions. The embedded generative AI greatly lowers the technical threshold of low-code development, and anyone can turn their ideas into reality with the help of Copilot. IT departments can also lead the AI ​​transformation, enabling their organizations to rapidly innovate at scale while using built-in management and governance tools to manage and monitor solutions, developers, and data.

Low-code development skills enable users to build solutions that save time, cost and increase productivity. If you want to learn how to further improve your organization’s work efficiency by introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot, which introduces a new way of working, you can view relevant information about Microsoft’s next generation artificial intelligence in the AI ​​Hub, or view relevant information about Microsoft Copilot on Microsoft’s official blog.

Responsible AI at Microsoft

The “smart co-pilot” experience built by Microsoft Power Platform has human involvement throughout, responsible for approving, tracking and accepting AI suggestions. These new features are designed to align with Microsoft’s six principles of artificial intelligence: fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusion, transparency and accountability. By combining innovative research, engineering excellence, and responsible governance, Microsoft takes a holistic approach to creating artificial intelligence that benefits society.

Disclaimer for preview features

New next-generation AI capabilities in Microsoft Power Platform are experimental preview releases powered by Azure OpenAI Service with GPT. Preview features are not intended for production use and may have limited functionality and limited use availability. See the product documentation for more information. Microsoft Power Platform Documentation – Power Platform | Microsoft Learn


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