Microsoft Testing One-Click Background Removal Feature in Paint

Microsoft is currently testing a new feature in its graphics software, “Paint,” that allows users to easily remove the background of an image with just one click. This exciting development was revealed by the tech giant, who stated that the background removal tool is currently being rolled out to Windows Insiders.

This new feature, called Background Removal in Paint, has been highly anticipated by users. It is currently available on the Canary and Dev Windows Insiders channels (version 11.2306.30.0) and can be accessed through pre-available versions of Windows.

To utilize this function, users simply need to open the image in Paint and click the remove background button located on the left side of the Paint toolbar. The software will then automatically detect and cut out the object in the image, effectively removing the background. Users also have the option to manually select specific areas of the background they wish to remove.

While some third-party image editing software offers similar background removal capabilities, they often come at a cost and have limited functionality. Therefore, the addition of this feature to Paint has been well-received by IT enthusiasts. The Verge, a reputable IT news site, praised the new function, stating that it significantly speeds up the image editing process.

Furthermore, Microsoft is not stopping at background removal. There are reports that they are planning to introduce additional AI-powered features to Paint, such as the ability to generate images from text. This further demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to providing users with a comprehensive and versatile graphics software.

Interestingly, Paint was initially included in the removed/deprecated list in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update back in 2017, leading to speculations that it would eventually be entirely removed from the Windows operating system. However, with the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has given Paint a new lease on life, adding various features and functions to make it a standard graphics software for users.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s latest development in Paint is poised to revolutionize image editing by simplifying the background removal process. As the software continues to evolve with additional AI-powered features, it is clear that Paint is no longer just a basic drawing tool but a versatile graphics software that caters to a wide range of creative needs.

Microsoft has revealed that it is testing a function that automatically removes the background of an image with one click in the graphics software “Paint”.

Background Removal in Paint is starting to roll out to Windows Insiders | Windows Insider Blog

Microsoft is testing a background removal tool in Paint – The Verge

Paint with this background removal feature is introduced on Canary and Dev Windows Insiders channels (version 11.2306.30.0), where you can generally use pre-available versions of Windows.

Open the image in Paint and click the remove background button on the left side of the Paint toolbar.

Then, it will automatically detect the object of the image and cut out the background. You can also manually select the parts of the background you want to remove.

The ability to automatically remove backgrounds can also be used with third-party image editing software, but the functionality itself is often paid and limited. IT news site The Verge welcomes the addition of a background removal function, saying, “If you can easily automatically remove the background of an image with Paint, your work will be much faster.”

It is also reported that Microsoft will not only include a background removal function, but also a function to generate images from text using AI in Paint.

Microsoft may add AI functionality to Windows 11 Paint and Photos – GIGAZINE

Since Paint was added to the removed/deprecated list in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in 2017, there were rumors that it would be removed from Windows in the future, but in Windows 11 it will be removed as standard graphics software. adding various functions, it seems that it will evolve into a tool that can be used in a wider variety of ways.

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