Microsoft will end Cortana and related technical support services in the form of standalone apps in the second half of this year -Technology, New Products, Interests, Trends

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant service, which has previously turned to Office and other applications, has finally announced the full-featured introduction of its Copilot artificial intelligence application at Build 2023 this year. It will be the first to end in the Windows environment in the second half of this year in the form of a standalone app Provides use of Cortana, while also endingRelated Technical Support Services.

However, Cortana is still provided in the mobile version of Outlook, the mobile version of Microsoft Teams, and certain application services. Microsoft has not yet announced the specific end-of-use time, but under the circumstances that Microsoft has introduced application functions artificial intelligence Copilot fully into Windows- related functions, It should only be a matter of time before Microsoft ends Cortana across the board.

Cortana was first used with the Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system launched in 2014. The name comes from the artificial intelligence system that appeared in Microsoft Xbox’s “The Last Battle” game series It was originally designed to compete with Siri launched by Apple and Google Now Launched by Google. (later Google Assistant) to compete, and then further integrated into the Windows 10 taskbar, but later turned into a standalone app, or integrated into a specific Microsoft service to use, but in Windows 11 not is longer the built-in function of the work column.

Although Cortana has not been successful in markets such as the United States, it has been transformed into “Xiaoice” in the Chinese market, and will be split into an independent company in 2020, and Shen Xiangyang, former vice president global executive Microsoft, will serve as the first chairman, Li Di, former executive vice president of the Internet Engineering Academy of Microsoft Asia, served as the first CEO.


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