Microsoft will make it easier to install default software in Windows 11 – Engadget 中文版


Since the launch of Windows 11 in 2021, the way it installs default software has been plagued by people. Compared to Windows 10, which is already unfriendly, it is more difficult for Windows 11 to change the default software, and the relevant options can only be found in the rather deep settings. In order to solve these problems, Microsoft announced in a blog post that it will provide a deep link URI, so that the app can lead the user directly to the appropriate location in the settings to make adjustments.

In the same blog post, Microsoft said that Microsoft is committed to ensuring that Windows users can control the items pinned to the start menu and the default software used, and that it is responsible for ensuring that user preferences are respected. In addition to making it easier to customize settings, Microsoft will also take steps to prevent unauthorized changes to user preferences.

Microsoft expects to test this new feature on the Windows Insider Dev Channel in the next few months, and Edge will be the first to adopt it when the deep link URI feature launches.


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