Microsoft will raise the Windows 12 upgrade threshold again and it will be required | XFastest news

In the past month, there has been more and more news about Microsoft’s development of the Windows 12 operating system, and relevant information has gradually leaked out.

Recently, according to the leaked information, Microsoft plans to further increase the requirements for user hardware in Windows 12.

From the known information, Windows 12 will not increase the processor requirements, but the user’s device will need to support TPM 2.0, and have at least 8GB of memory and 64GB of storage capacity.

In addition, on Windows 12, there is a high probability that Microsoft will force users to use an SSD as the boot hard drive.

In fact, as early as Windows 10, whether to use an SSD as the system’s boot hard disk has already made a significant difference in the speed of booting and operating the device. Therefore, it is not surprising that in Windows 12, which has higher performance requirements, it is mandatory to use an SSD with a faster reading speed as a boot hard disk.

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