Microsoft Windows 11 is out again!User complaint: computer SDD hard disk speed is cut in half

There was another disaster in Microsoft Windows 11. Some users reported that after upgrading to the latest version, the speed of the computer’s SSD hard disk was cut in half, which is suspected to be related to the Windows driver software.

Foreign media “Neowin” reported that recently in the official discussion forums of Reddit and Microsoft, users pointed out that the SSD speed of the computer has dropped sharply. Reached 2320 MB/s, but only 983.5 MB/s remained when switching to Windows 11, which more than doubled the performance.

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The current problem spans all brands of SSD, and products including PCIe Gen 3 and 4 platforms are all affected. Foreign media speculated that the problem is suspected to be related to the driver software in the computer. Some users run the score through the program provided by Intel, and there is no performance difference between Windows 11 and 10.

It is reported that the problem first appeared in the Windows 11 test version. At that time, a netizen who claimed to be a Microsoft engineer stated on Reddit that the team had noticed the problem, but from the current disaster situation, Microsoft seems to have not completed it.

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