Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass will add more than $6,300 to its game lineup in 2021.#Data (170215)

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass platform has been developing quite steadily in recent years. The concept is similar to that of Netflix and Disney+. Players on Xbox consoles or PC platforms can use this service, and even players on Android or iOS devices can play freely through cloud technology. According to the latest public statistics, the Xbox Game Pass platform has added a game lineup worth more than $6,300 in 2021 alone.

The total price of the 2021 game lineup exceeded US$6,300, the most massive lineup in March

This data comes from The Loadout website. They recently revealed a lot of performance data related to the Xbox Game Pass platform in 2021. According to them, the new game lineup on the Xbox Game Pass platform this year has a total value of up to $6,317. As for the unit price of the game, the prices on the Microsoft and Xbox malls are the main.

In addition, this report even more detailed statistics show that the Xbox Game Pass platform brought its users the largest lineup of new games this year in March 2021. If there are players who are following or subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass platform for a long time, this does not seem to be an unexpected result. After all, they joined a large number of Bethesda games at that time, and The Loadout statistics show This batch of games alone has a total value of up to 964.67 US dollars.

For players who want to save money, these data have once again proved the cost-effectiveness of the Xbox Game Pass platform. In terms of the most expensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription plan, players have to spend $119.88 throughout the year, but compared to these new games with a total value of $6,317, it may still be an economical and affordable choice. , Not to mention that Microsoft occasionally offers new users a special plan of $1 per month or several months.

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In 2022 and in the future will continue to add more home and third-party first key masterpieces

For now, players have been able to play many well-received 2021 3A masterpieces on Xbox Game Pass, such as Microsoft’s own “Last Round: Infinite”, “Forza Horizon 5″ and ” Navigator 2, etc., as well as Bethesda’s “Doom: Eternity”, “Leaves of the Dust 76”, etc., or a large number of third-party works, and can even be linked with EA Play to play this year’s TGA “Best Game”, “Two People in a Row” and other game lineups under EA. And looking forward to 2022 and the future, Microsoft will continue to bring more exciting key masterpieces to this platform, such as “Total War: WARHAMMER III” and “Plague Tale: Soul Rejuvenation” “(A Plague Tale: Requiem), “Deathloop” (Deathloop), “Redfall”, “Stalker 2” (Stalker 2) and “Starfield” (Starfield), etc., even the “Elder Scrolls” that has not yet released a public release date 6, “Ghost Line: Tokyo” and “Tianwai World 2” will also be on the platform on the first day of listing.




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