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medium sized companyFind a way for innovative growth with new businesses

My1medium sizestart NEXT hold an event

From networking to commercialisation Completecycling support

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(Minister Lee Chang-yang, the Ministry of Industry from now on)Yes 9.20Work(rage) Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses(Chairman Choi Jin-sik)with My1medium sizestart NEXT hold an event.

yes centerstart NEXTYes Discover new businessclass innovative growthto someone exchangelike, centerNew businesses are working together next step in growth(Next step)in advance toSo a new era(Next Life)led theit means to do.

ㅇ The event held at J-Tech, a medium-sized company located in the Magok Industrial Complex in Seoul, medium sized companyinitiations, etc. 100women attendhe did,

koreaACShin Jin-oh, president of the Society centerStartup collaborationspecial lecture onstartby, an environmentally friendly careMobility field start 6a dogcompanyis a promising new business item suggestdo, Find ways to collaborate with participants such as mid-sized companieshad time to.

yes centerstart NEXTstarting with this event during this year 2chapter(10month11month) maintain morecoming, ’23of the year year 4chapter(quarterly) operate regularlyplanning to do.

< My1medium sizestart NEXTEvent Overview >

· date/Place : ‘22.9.20(rage) 15:30 ~ 17:30, J-Tech Magok Research Institute(Magok Central, Gangseo-gu, Seoul8like5way 46)

· attendees : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Vice President of the Middle SchoolACPresident of the Society, medium sized company, initiations, etc. 100dawn

· Main Content : ACThe Society’s special lecture, innovative new business AC pitching(6a dogcompany), Autonomous networking and display booth operation

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy will ensure that the event is not just a one-time event. networkingas well as Derive collaborative tasks, commercializationTill Cooperation Completecycling supportplan to promote.

yes (networking) centerstart NEXT, Win-Win Lounge* etc. a place for regular exchangesecond middle class through and throughbetween new businesses Collaborative consensus building a Explore the possibilities provide an opportunity.

* Mid-sized companies with a focus on digital transformationEstablish a setting for initial collaboration, year 4at work

yes (Derive collaborative tasks) Technical check(PoC)* support, Mentoring Success Entrepreneurs, expert advice through the back Reduce the risk of starting a new businessdo, networking The origins of real collaboration taskssupport to lead to.

* Proof of Concept : Ensure the reliability of technology by pre-checking whether the technology is successful or not

yes (Commercialization support) Matching midfielderstart-up consortium publicResearch and Development choose choose, Establish a test bed for a new business area a examinationReduce evaluation costs complete commercialization Support is also provided.

< centerStartup Collaboration Support Program(no)>


(1wrong) networking

(2wrong) Derive collaborative tasks

(3wrong) Commercialization support


Form collaborative consensus and explore possibilities

verify business items and Collaboration methodaddress refinement

Research and Development, Performance evaluation, investment Support for full-scale commercialization, such as



NEXT, Win-Win Lounge regulation of exchange events such as

Through the Federation of Small and Medium Businesses 24/7 networking

Technical check(PoC) support,

Mentoring Success Entrepreneurs

investmentExpert legal advice

centerstart co Research and Development

New business field testbed construction, examinationReduce evaluation costs

Support for overseas expansionContact Investors

Kim Hong-joo, Ministry of Industry, Medium Enterprise Policy Managerby congratulatory messagerecent medium-sized companies and start-ups Cases of cooperation are increasingdoing, Responding to the rapidly changing industrial structureTo business to business Open innovation through collaboration is essential, not optionalIn asking that,

yes The Government Provide space for regular exchangewith, Solving practical difficulties in terms of collaboration between companiesfrom Commercialization supportTill centerOrganic collaboration between new businessesthrough Creating a dynamic industrial ecosystemto strive foremphasize that.

for this Ho-Jun Lee, full-time vice president of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businessesmoney In start-ups scaleup, Providing opportunities for medium-sized companies to discover new growth enginesas you can Intermediate training centre Business-to-business networking, expert advice etc. various services operational supportit will doHe said.

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