Middle-aged men with abnormal health signs, what numbers should be checked for the new year?

[한스경제=홍성익 보건복지선임기자] It is necessary to examine whether the signs of health abnormalities appearing one by one as you get older after the Lunar New Year holidays are due to diseases.

Health checkup/provision = National Health Insurance Service

According to the National Health Insurance Corporation’s ‘2019 Health Checkup Statistical Yearbook’, as the age increases, the number of normal judgments decreases and the proportion of people with diseases increases rapidly. It was found that many people in their 40s can detect health abnormalities.

In particular, looking at the results of each questionnaire and test item, the’smoking rate (43.7%)’ of men in their 40s and the’BMI of 25 or higher (48%)’, which is a measure of obesity, even though the most predictable signs of health abnormalities in their 40s. It was found that the lifestyle was not well controlled.

Moon Doo-Geon, a professor of urology at Daegu Guro Hospital, said, “The fact that people are suspicious of diseases but cannot manage their lives is an indicator that middle-aged men should be more alert about their health.”

He also said, “If you are a man over 40, check your body for abnormalities every year through regular check-ups. In particular, health check-up items such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, smoking, and obesity are all highly correlated with the decline of male hormones, so the usual decline in libido. If you have symptoms such as erectile dysfunction or chronic fatigue, you need to check your male hormone levels.”

◇ Male hormones that affect the overall health of middle-aged men

                                                 Provided = National Health Insurance Corporation
Provided = National Health Insurance Corporation

Testosterone is an important hormone that causes sexual desire and plays a key role in improving muscle strength.If you experience male menopause (hypogonadism) due to a decrease in testosterone, it can negatively affect the functions of various body organs.

The most representative symptoms include decreased sexual function, such as erectile dysfunction and decreased libido, and other symptoms such as fatigue, depression, sleep disturbances, increased visceral fat, decreased bone density, decreased intellectual activity and cognitive function, reduce overall quality of life. .

Professor Doo-Geon Moon said, “The life expectancy of Korean men has exceeded the age of 80. The increased life expectancy, the social atmosphere invested in themselves, and the economic power are combined with increasing interest in male menopausal treatment. “For the quality of life of 40 years after middle age, it is better to seek treatment if you have male menopausal symptoms.” He explained.

◇ Diagnosis and treatment of male menopause for a healthier and more energetic life

The self-diagnosis questionnaire examines the person’s symptoms, and if the likelihood of male menopause is high or suspected, a blood test can be used to determine whether or not testosterone has been reduced below normal, and whether symptoms and signs are caused by it.

According to the guidelines of the Korean Society of Menopause, male menopause is diagnosed when the total male hormone level is reduced to 350 ng/dL or less as a result of blood tests, and there are matching symptoms and signs.

If you are diagnosed with male menopause, you can expect a more energetic life through the appropriate male hormone therapy. Treatment methods for male menopause include injections, patches applied to the skin, gels to be applied, and medicines to be applied. Of these, testosterone injections are the longest clinically used treatment and do not require daily administration.

Prof. Doo-Geon Moon said, “Injections are divided into short-acting injections and long-lasting injections. Since long-lasting injections only need to be taken 4 to 5 times a year at about 3 month intervals, it is convenient and does not accumulate in the body, and testosterone levels remain constant for 3 months. It has the advantage of being maintained. Through male hormone therapy, we can expect a more energetic middle-aged life such as improving sexual function and muscle strength.”


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