Middle school girl who bought and administered methamphetamine through social media… mother reported

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A middle school student in her third year was caught by police after buying methamphetamine via the Internet and administering it at home.

The Dongdaemun Police Station in Seoul announced on the 7th that it booked a 14-year-old middle school student A (14) without detention for administering drugs obtained on the Internet.

A, a 3rd year middle school student, is accused of injecting 0.05g of methamphetamine purchased via the Internet around 6:40 pm the previous day at her home in Dongdaemun-gu (violation of the Narcotic Control Act).

Miss A’s mother informed the police about it, and the police who were sent voluntarily came with Miss A to investigate and returned home.

The police intend to investigate further to see if A has ever bought or given drugs before.

Reporter Kim Min-ji


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