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“Midia” invades a heavy commercial air conditioner after the installation of the factory in Thailand, the largest in Asia Chu Hub ASEAN Export

Date 29 May 2022 time 12:20

“Midia” Chinese air conditioner penetrates the commercial market through the B2B channel with plans to open the largest air conditioner factory in Thailand in Asia Lifting the hub to export products to the ASEAN market to support the growth of the whole region, target number 3 in 5 years

Mr Tony Liu General Manager of MD Consumer Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or Midea Thailand revealed the business direction in Thailand that The company will focus on driving the growth of commercial air conditioners. by expanding the customer base in the business group (B2B) who want to install a large air conditioner system For developers of various real estate development projects, such as hotels, condominiums, residences, which will grow in accordance with the direction of the tourism industry and from the government’s policy of opening the country.

It will continue to expand the team in the aforementioned product group to accommodate the growing number of customers. as well as developing a variety of products to cover all customer needs. To create the Midea brand to sit in the hearts of Thai customers

The company has invested in marketing and branding 12% per year from sales, ready to provide support in various fields, including marketing, sales teams, focusing on sales channels. and provide product training for the project with after-sales service that is the heart of the business

By setting a sales growth target of 45% this year to continuously increase the market share in the commercial air conditioner product group. by setting a goal to expand a strong team Expand customer base this year and aims to have a strong network of partners In order for Midea MBT to soar to No. 3 in the market of VRF, Chiller and Office Air Conditioners in Thailand within 5 years.

for strategies used to penetrate the market The company will uphold the brand identity for the new generation. which Midea Thailand There are products that meet the needs of the new generation. and continue to develop products to meet the needs of the new generation continuously and with flexibility, especially in terms of technology and innovative products that are suitable for usage behavior and the needs of the new generation including products with IoT (Internet of Things) technology for controlling various devices in the home to provide convenience for residents, etc., along with the emphasis on quality after-sales service Confident to create more competitive advantages

in terms of technology This is considered a selling point of commercial air conditioners. plus a variety of products Answer every problem, whether it’s a business customer or an individual. Currently under the brand Midea There are products to cover installations in all sizes and large areas, emphasizing on 2 product groups:

1. VRF commercial air conditioner 2. Chiller air conditioner using a cold water system Electromagnetic compressor (Magnetic Centrifugal Chiller) provides high refrigeration efficiency. which makes the service life longer ready to help in reducing costs, etc.

There are also other technologies such as Full Falling Film Evaporation technology, refrigerant evaporation system technology. Saves up to 40% on refrigerant compared to conventional chillers.

Mr. Tony Liu said that with the company’s confidence in Thailand In the past, the company has decided to invest in the production of Midea Thailand Smart Factory for residential air conditioners. Which has been in operation since the first quarter of the past, located in Pinthong Industrial Estate (Project 5), Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, which is considered to be Midea’s largest residential air conditioner factory in the region. Asia

It is also Midea Group’s largest manufacturing facility for electrical appliances outside of China. In the future, the factory aims to be an export center for residential air conditioners. to the ASEAN market This will help improve operations for various countries. in ASEAN increase competitiveness and tax advantages It also helps countries in ASEAN. Benefit from the full supply chain

for Thailand factory opening And expanding the MBT commercial air conditioner business this time will play an important role in helping the overall picture and increasing the market share for the Midea brand. growing more rapidly Thailand is a market that Midea Group pays special attention.

which can generate sales accounted for 47% of the ASEAN region which shows the potential to create growth in Thailand both in terms of sales and profits clearly including strengths in supply chain Especially in key components such as compressors, motors and PCB Boards that can be manufactured and distributed quickly on their own. Including having a distribution channel that covers both corporate customers, stores, for HVAC business and distribution to the general public at leading department stores and dealers in various regions.

“Thailand can be regarded as one of the top rankings. of the ASEAN region with an index of economic freedom and growth potential It is the economic center in the ASEAN region. Running this business in Thailand will enable Midea to be connected as a hub. and make the entire supply chain operate more smoothly and quickly. And there is also an opportunity to expand the customer market in the new generation. and customers from e-commerce with very high sales growth in the past year,” Mr. Tony Liu concluded.



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