‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ is Epic Games’ third free distribution

‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ is Epic Games’ third free distribution
2023.06.02 13:41 Game Mecca Reporter Shin Jae-yeon

▲ Midnight Ghost Hunt (Photo courtesy of Epic Games Korea)

A third masterpiece has been revealed which will be given away for free during the Epic Mega Sale. This time it’s a ‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’.

Epic Korea Games announced on the 2nd that it will be placing the third free distribution work as ‘Midnight ghost right’ as part of the Epic Mega Sale and continue distribution until the 8th.

‘Midnight Ghost Hunt’ is a 4v4 multiplayer fighting game between ghosts and hunters. It has a unique charm by adding an interesting element of stealth to the shooting genre. Ghosts players must possess and hide in various objects, and hunters can defeat ghosts with salt shotguns or hand-crafted tools. However, at midnight, on the contrary, ghosts can hunt hunters, so a precise strategy suitable for the situation is required.

▲ Epic Store Mega Sale (photo courtesy of Epic Games Korea)

Meanwhile, in this Epic Mega Sale, up to 75% off until June 15th, FIFA 23 (70%), Dead Space: Remake (20%), Saints Row (55%), Crime Boss: Rock-Ky City (20% ), FIFA 23: Standard Edition (70%), and Far Cry 6: Standard Edition (75%). Epic gift certificates that apply an additional 25% discount at the time of purchase and Epic Rewards, which accrue 5% of the purchase amount two weeks after purchase, are also provided so you can enjoy extensive discounts.


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