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Mihoyo, Action RPG Collapse 3rd Unfinished Paradise Update

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MiHoYo Limited (miHoYo Limited) announced on the 17th that it has updated version 5.1 flawless paradise from the 3rd that it develops and services.

In this update, a new S-class Valkyrie Pink Elf was revealed, and 4 new characters were introduced in the past paradise content.

Miss Pink Elf is the first S-class character to use a bow, and you can purchase character cards and pieces through the ancient lore and ancient will in the expansion supply and battlefield treasury.

In addition, a total of four new characters have been added to Paradise of the Past: Miss Pink Elf, Knight Wolbaek, Wolhachoong, and Dawn Striker.

In addition, the bowl of reminiscence, which is part of the paradise content of the past, has been expanded to a maximum level of 11 to obtain decorations of Calpas, Sue, and Mobius, and the characters Klein and Raven appear in the new story.

In addition, Chapter 25 EX of the main story, which anyone can enjoy if the captain is level 30 or higher, has been opened, and the focus of the story returns to the thousand people and the mission can be completed.

In addition, the 3.6 version of the popular event legend of oxidation is reprinted and opened, and users who complete all story stages can acquire materials such as crystal crystals.

In addition, you can meet new weapons, the petals of the past, the new stigmata set, the incorruptible elf, and the new costume Magical Girl Seele.

More details about the 3rd Fallen Paradise update can be found on the official cafe.


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