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Mihoyo ‘Genshin’, 2.0 update ‘applied’… Appearing in Inazuma, the land of lightning

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A new area ‘Inazuma’ has been opened in Mihoyo’s open world action RPG ‘Genshin’. It is the third region after Liwall and Monde. It is an area characterized by natural scenery and architecture reminiscent of Japan. New characters and cross-play features have also been added. It is expected to give fans the fun of a new adventure.

On the 21st, Mihoyo applied the 2.0 version update of ‘Genshin’, ‘The immovable lightning god, the extinction of the glow’. In addition to the new area ‘Inazuma’, new characters ‘Kamisato Ayaka’, ‘Yoimiya’, and ‘Sayu’ have been added.

‘Inazuma’ is the third area open to the public among the seven major cities of ‘Genshin’. It consists of six large islands with strong sea breezes and thunderstorms. In version 2.0, three areas were opened: Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island. You can enter after completing the adventure level 30 or higher, the Demon Mission Chapter 2, Act 1.

In the ‘Inazuma’ area, you can enjoy various natural landscapes and buildings reminiscent of Japan. There are cherry blossom trees, gardens, and mansions that contain Japanese cultural styles. There are also places like Japanese shrines. Mihoyo’s explanation is that it provides a more colorful and expansive environment for users.

The use of ‘lightning’ as the subject is also an eye-catching part. It is set as an area directly affected by the element of lightning, and users can learn the story of the ‘lightning god’ who rules ‘Inazuma’ and the answer to immortality through gameplay.

A representative system is the ‘Sacred Cherry Tree’. You can increase the level of protection of the cherry tree and receive rewards by using the ‘Lightning Seal’ acquired by adventures in ‘Inazuma’. A cherry tree was placed at the top of Narukami Taisha.

Another element is the ‘lightning seed’. This is a spirit that can be summoned through the ‘Lightning Cherry Tree Branch’ that you can meet while exploring the ‘Inazuma’ area. This spirit is only summoned for a certain period of time and takes on various roles in the exploration of the ‘Inazuma’ area. It is used to quickly move to the ‘Thunderpole’, a kind of moving base in the air of the ‘Inazuma’ area, or to enter the ‘Lightning Barrier’, a special space where movement is restricted. Within the ‘Lightning Barrier’, the power of ‘Lightning Stone’ that inflicts continuous damage can be sealed for a certain period of time, and the effect of ‘Lightning Catastrophe’ that occurs in areas with high concentrations of lightning elements can be defended to a certain level.

Here, content related to various elements of lightning, such as a stone tomb containing the energy of the lightning element, a ‘Thunder Spirit’ that can encounter special events, and a ‘Thunderbolt Tree’ that can protect the character from damage from a ‘lightning disaster’, has been prepared.

The appearance of new characters is also a fun factor. The five-star character ‘Kamisato Ayaka’ uses the power of the ice element and one-handed sword, the five-star character ‘Yoimiya’ uses the fire element and bow, and the four-star character ‘Sayu’ with the wind element and two-handed sword. Among them, ‘Ayaka Kamisato’ is a young lady of the ‘Yashiro magistrate’ family in Inazuma, who is in charge of the family with her brother. Also, ‘Yoimiya’ is the manager of the Naganohara Fireworks Store, a craftsman who can put people’s wishes into firecrackers.

The content has also been greatly increased. As new unexplored places in the Inazuma area, ‘Garden of Similarity’, ‘Purple Garden’, ‘Garden of Autumn Leaves’, ‘Houshu of a Thousand Doors’, ‘Mansion of Chagyeong’, ‘Mansion of Jindai’, etc. are provided as new stories. Acts 1 and 2 of Chapter 2 are added. The opening conditions for the existing Demon Mission Chapter 1, Acts 2 and 3 will be relaxed, and new 5-star character legendary missions and new world missions will be introduced.

The overall functionality has also been expanded. The ‘God Orbit’ function is newly added to the origin of weapons, and the ‘Quest Mission and Area Selection’ function is added to the Adventure Handbook quest. Various new simple items, new functions for synthesis, rare items from the lineage, plants from the lineage, and new recipes were also prepared. In particular, it became possible to share game progress between mobile, PC, and PlayStation platforms through e-mail linkage with PSN accounts.

In addition, the ‘Finding Strokes’ event will be held until 5 am on August 9th. Collect the ‘Thunder Particles’ and ‘Thunder Crystals’ obtained by performing 4 missions that are opened sequentially by date to obtain rewards such as ‘Dragon King/Bokuto (Lightning)’, ‘Crown of Knowledge’, and character development materials. content. The exchange shop is open until 5 am on August 16th.

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