miHoYo’s live wallpaper app for PC “N0va Desktop” is now available on the Steam / Epic Games store –AUTOMATON

Publisher Cognos sphere Pte. Ltd. announced on January 27th that it is a live wallpaper app for PC developed by its parent company miHoYo.N0va DesktopWas delivered at the Steam / Epic Games store. The price is free.

“N0va Desktop” is a wallpaper app for PC. It is handled by miHoYo, who is known as the developer of “Genshin”, and has been distributed on the official website so far, and the Android version was also provided, but this time it was also distributed through the Steam / Epic Games store. In this app, you can use the live wallpaper of female Lumi who is a mascot character. She sits in a hanging chair in the center of the screen, seamlessly animating things like rocking the chair, messing with her hair, and napping.

It also supports customization, and in addition to changing the background color, some Lumi costumes are also available. You can choose from black dresses, cheongsam dresses, school uniforms, everyday wear, swimwear, etc. If you download each, it will be immediately reflected in the wallpaper.

In addition, a wealth of wallpapers with the theme of game works released by miHoYo are also included. Multiple wallpapers are available for each of the works such as “Genshin”, “Honkai Impact 3rd”, “Guns Girl Z”, and “Tears of Themis”. For example, in the live wallpaper “Trail of the Scorching Summer Treasure” of “Genshin Impact”, a relaxing animation is played along with the music, such as Klee secretly watching Jin in the library and exploring the outside world.

In addition to these live wallpapers, many still image wallpapers are available for game wallpaper, and downloaded wallpapers can be managed on the “My Wallpapers” tab. You can also create a playlist to display multiple wallpapers in any order.

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“N0va Desktop” is available for free on PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) and official website. An Android version is also available.



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