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Mike Piromporn lifts ‘Phonsak Song Song’ as a teacher, wants to bring old poems to sing new songs, hoping for people to absorb.

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‘Mike’ opens his heart and asks for the life style of ‘Phonsak Songsaeng’ as a model idol to live. Raised as a teacher of Isan artists Revealing that he wants to bring the old verse new song I hope to preserve it for people to know that this is a master artist.

Reporters reported that at 5:00 p.m. on October 17 at Ban Kham Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nong Bua Lamphu Province Location of the funeral of the famous Mo Lam Lukthung singer Pornsak Saengsaeng or Boon Saat Prachantasen Died at the age of 60 on the night of October 15 at Nong Bua Lamphu Hospital. which yesterday was the last day of prayer Before the funeral was scheduled for today (18 October) at Wat Pa Si Sawang, Ban Kham, Ban Kham Subdistrict, Mueang Nong Bua Lamphu District. Nong Bua Lamphu Province

Reporters reported that Last night, there were entertainers, singers, Mo Lam, artists from various record labels. traveled to attend mass prayers Another part sent a wreath of condolences instead, such as Mike Piromporn The famous singer is ready to reveal his heart. Pornsak Saengsaeng that he is a junior artist who has been fond of P’ Pornsak’s music since he was a teenager not yet entered the industry In the past, my parents came to work for hire. He also asked his parents to buy a second-hand tape for him because he could play P’ Pornsak’s song. Listening alone is not enough Walked into the village for others to listen to as well. and also likes to sing songs of P’ Pornsak I was shocked enough to hear the news that my brother died. because he had worked with him many times in concerts go on tour abroad meet in Europe The last meeting was about 2-3 years ago due to COVID-19. The epidemic prevented the concert tour at all. If it’s during the concert tour, we’ll meet at various events and sit backstage together for lunch.

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“I knew that Phonsak came to live in Nong Bua Lamphu, farming, gardening, farming, just like me in Udon Thani, gardening, farming, and having similar things. I was shocked to hear the news for the first time. He is a fun talker, good-natured, an adult who is a role model of Isaan Lukthung artists. Easy to act, not too much trouble, speaks slowly and has good meaning.” Mike Piromporn said

Mike Piromphon also said that his singing style was inspired by P’ Pornsak’s songs. until he found his own talent I remember that on April 2, 1987, I went to a singing contest at Sam Yot Radio Station, Udon Thani. At that time, I was 26 years old, still cutting sugarcane for hire. I want to enter a singing contest Because I like P’ Pornsak’s song So I told my mother that today I will enter a singing contest at Rangsina Market, Udon Thani. “Today I’m out of rights” of P’ Pornsak

“Today, while traveling in the van, I listened to the past. Reminds me of the day we went to the contest. These things bring to mind, pity, in regards to virtues. Something that is very useful for young artists to take as a model. At least it’s one of our teachers. Bring what he does to live as a way of life. continue to teach the artist

“Today, P’ Pornsak is not with us. But there are also Isan country songs, Lam Toei, Lam Ploen, Lam Pan, and Lam Den that he has left as legends. You can tell that his songs will never die. We can pick up the tape and listen. I would also like to bring Ponsak’s songs to sing again if possible. will talk to the music label sorry good song which is the northeastern culture It is the legend of Phonsak to tell a new story. did not expect to use it for profit But I want to bring his song to create for people to know that this is a master artist that we should be praising. matter of identity The story of Peepornsak’s life” Mike Piromporn said

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