Home Entertainment “Mike Piromporn” mourns “Ponsak Songsaeng” singing a remembrance song that keeps himself from fighting until today.

“Mike Piromporn” mourns “Ponsak Songsaeng” singing a remembrance song that keeps himself from fighting until today.

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famous country singer Mike Piromporn to be the host of prayers Pornsak Saengsaeng On the last night, the show was performed by master artists. to have the strength to fight Until being successful as a public singer until the present

On October 17, 2021 at 7 p.m. at the house number 236, Village No. 14, Ban Kham, Ban Kham Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nong Bua Lamphu Province. which is the home of Mo Lamdang Lukthung singer Nickname: a young man with a dragon-patterned left arm Pornsak Saengsaeng who died suddenly with symptoms of heart disease The aforementioned house is where the funeral services are performed according to the traditions of the Isan people. People in the music industry and music fans attended the event.

by Mike Piromporn famous country singer joined as a host to pray It’s the last night Before moving the body for funeral at Wat Pa Si Sawang, Ban Kham Subdistrict, Nong Bua Lamphu Province, on October 19, 2021

Mike Piromporn say Pornsak Saengsaeng Being a teacher and role model inspired me to become a Luk Thung Mo Lam song. When I was not a singer, I bought tapes of every album and opened them every day until I could sing. has led the walk in Khon Kaen “Today I’m out of the right” to go to a singing contest It was the beginning of becoming a popular singer in the later period until the present. which Mike sang this song live as well.

“To leave this time is regrettable. The loss of a Molam luk thung singer, a teacher,” Mike told his feelings.

however Mike have usedFacebook “Mike Piromporn” Posted a message to mourn love, the prototype artist, stating that mourning “Phonsak Song Song”, the prototype artist of “Mike Piromphon”

When I was a teenager I follow and like P’ Pornsak’s work very much. to the extent of dividing the proceeds from working for hire Ask your parents to take you to buy a cassette tape and a second-hand cassette player.

I remember that at that time, listening to music in the house alone was not enough. Had to carry a cassette player and turn on the music loudly. for neighbors and villagers in the village to listen to each other ever because of P’ Pornsak’s passion and passion for Mor Lam songs Whether it’s Isaan luk thung songs, Mo Lam, Lam Toei, Lam Den, Lam Ploen, Lam Pan.

This gave me the courage to go to the Mo Lam singing contest on April 2, 1987 at the Sam Yot radio station. Udon Thani Province and brought P’ Pornsak’s song to join the contest which at that time P’ Monsit Won the 1st place award.

In that contest, it made me There was an impulse to follow in the footsteps of P’ Pornsak’s voice. Followed in his footsteps until he stepped into becoming an artist and singer to this day. because the original artist Pornsak Saengsaeng He made Mike Piromporn Until today


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