Military Dog Lost Legs in Fighting Al Qaeda, British’Animal War Hero Medal’


In May last year, a British military dog ​​who lost his leg while fighting the terrorist group al Qaeda in Afghanistan received the “Dickkin Medal,” the highest merit medal given to “Animal War Heroes” by the animal charity PDSA.

The main character is’Kuno’, a 4-year-old Belgian Shepherd (pictured). It is the 72nd military dog ​​to receive this medal. According to the UK Sky News on the 24th, Kuno went on an operation with his troops, but in a situation where he was struck by an enemy attack, he broke through a bullet and bit the arm of an al-Qaeda sniper to defeat it. It was a decisive opportunity for the British army to win.

Kuno, who lost one leg in a gunshot wound, retired after rehabilitation treatment. To Kuno, who now lives in a family home, the British soldiers presented custom-made prosthetic legs.

Reporter Go Seok-hyun [email protected]

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