Military leaders and pro-democracy supporters form interim government | TIME ONLINE

After months of protests, Sudan gets a transitional government of civilians and military. The military leaders and the pro-democracy opposition movement formed a so-called Sovereign Council, which comprises eleven people and is supposed to lead the African crisis state through a three-year transitional period to civilian rule, the state news agency Suna reported. The council consists of six civilians and five officers. He was to be sworn in on Wednesday, as was a prime minister thereafter.

The transitional government is said to be led by Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan for the first 21 months. He is to be followed by a civilian for the following 18 months, until 2022 democratic elections are due.

On Saturday, the military coup and the opposition democracy movement had agreed on a road to transitional government. They signed a final agreement on the division of power.

In April, under the pressure of months of mass protests and a sitting blockade, the military dropped long-term president Omar Al-Bashir. He had governed the country in northeastern Africa for 30 years authoritarian. He is accused of various crimes for which he has been answerable in a lawsuit since Monday.

Sudan is a conservative Islamic country of Sunni imprint. After assuming power in 1989, al-Bashir had strongly supported Islamist forces, but in the course of time left them. For the EU, the transit country Sudan is a partner in the migration limitation towards the Mediterranean.


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