Millennium Group Corporation (MGC-Asia) Partners with Tesla to Open ‘Tesla Approved Body Shop’ in Bangkok

Millennium Group Corporation (Asia) Public Company Limited Collaborates with Tesla to Open a State-of-the-Art Electric Car Service Center

The renowned Millennium Group Corporation (Asia) Public Company Limited, also known as MGC-Asia, continues to expand its business to support exponential growth. In a groundbreaking partnership, MGC-Asia has joined forces with Tesla to inaugurate a cutting-edge paint and body repair service center for electric cars under the name ‘Tesla Approved Body Shop’ (TAB).

Under the supervision of its subsidiary, Master Motor Services (Thailand), a leading force in the comprehensive car service center industry, MGC-Asia’s TAB will be located in the prestigious Tesla Center on Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkok. Master Motor Services (Thailand) has been providing exceptional services for over 15 years, offering unrivaled expertise as the sole distributor of renowned German car maintenance products, TUNAP, in Thailand.

Expertise and Unparalleled Service

As Mr. Khanit Wongchindarak, the Managing Director of Master Motor Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd., explained, “MMS Bosch Car Service and Tire specializes in comprehensive car maintenance. Our core philosophy revolves around the concept of ‘Heavy-light, we can repair,’ which includes a wide range of services such as regular inspections, maintenance, cleaning air conditioning systems, engine oil and battery replacements, tire and brake services, as well as repairs of automatic transmissions, suspensions, engines, and hybrid systems. Our specialized personnel have undergone extensive training at the esteemed Master Automotive Training Institute.”

In addition to their impeccable service standards, Master Motor Services (Thailand) also serves as the exclusive distributor of high-quality German products. They offer Bosch Blue Line brake discs and brake pads, along with TUNAP car maintenance products. Furthermore, they have joined hands with the electric car giant Tesla to establish the sole Tesla car body and paint repair service center in Thailand. This strategic partnership ensures that their services cater to the rapidly growing number of Tesla car owners, providing convenience, peace of mind, and impeccable maintenance standards that adhere to Tesla’s rigorous guidelines.

State-of-the-Art Facility and Seamless Process

TAB by MMS has meticulously procured specialized equipment designed exclusively for Tesla car maintenance. This state-of-the-art facility boasts over 25 repair bays and 2 painting rooms, all built in compliance with Tesla USA’s stringent standards. The experienced personnel at TAB have undergone intensive training and possess comprehensive knowledge of electric car components, including disassembly techniques and an in-depth understanding of materials like aluminum and alloys used in car body production. This attention to detail ensures that TAB’s services align seamlessly with Tesla USA’s unparalleled standards.

For customers’ convenience, TAB collaborates with leading insurance companies, streamlining the coordination process and expediting insurance claims. Customers can reach out for more information or schedule their car for service by calling the dedicated helpline, 1396.

Promising Future and Expanding Services

With Tesla’s entry into the Thai market and the subsequent surge in the number of Tesla electric cars in the country, there is a growing demand for reliable paint and body repair service centers. TAB, as a Tesla Approved Body Shop that meets today’s Tesla USA standards, is well-prepared to meet the needs of Tesla electric car owners. To cater to this increasing demand, TAB has plans to expand its service centers, strategically selecting areas with potential for future growth.

If you own a Tesla, you can be assured that TAB’s service center will provide exceptional care. To learn more about their services or to schedule your car for maintenance, contact MMS Car Services at 1396 or visit their website at You can also find them on Facebook at or

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● Millennium Group Corporation (Asia) Public Company Limited or MGC-Asia. Continuing to expand the business to support exponential growth, teaming up with Tesla to open a paint and body repair service center for electric cars. ‘Tesla Approved Body Shop’ (TAB) sole officer Under the supervision of a subsidiary, Master Motor Services (Thailand), a leader in the complete car service center business under the name MMS Bosch Car Service and Tire, providing services for more than 15 years and being Sole distributor of German car maintenance products, TUNAP, in Thailand. in a showroom with a full service centre ‘Tesla Center’ Ramkhamhaeng Road, Bangkok

Mr Khanit Wongchindarak Managing Director Master Motor Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Khanit Wongchindarak The Managing Director of Master Motor Services (Thailand) Company Limited said “MMS Bosch Car Service and Tire is specialist and has experience in comprehensive car maintenance. Under the concept ‘Heavy-light, we can repair’ such as regular inspection and maintenance, cleaning air conditioning systems, changing engine oil, batteries, tyres, brakes, as well as repairing automatic transmission suspension, engines and Hybrid systems By specialist personnel who have received training from the Master Automotive Training Institute”

“In addition, we are also the distributor of the best products from Germany. Brake discs and brake pads from Bosch Blue Line, as well as TUNAP car maintenance products. Only in Thailand Joins the electric car brand Tesla to open the only Tesla car body and paint repair service center. Emphasizing rapid growth we are ready to provide services Including tools, various spare parts, as well as personnel trained according to the standards of maintenance of electric cars from Tesla, which is a convenience. and create peace of mind for car owners The number will continue to increase day by day.”

● Tesla Approved Body Shop (TAB) by MMS has purchased special equipment. Specifically for the maintenance of Tesla cars, there are more than 25 repair bays, 2 painting rooms in accordance with Tesla USA standards. Most importantly, experienced personnel have been dispatched. Paint and body repair Go to training and learn about the different components. of electric cars To understand disassembly Whether it is a high voltage battery To understand the materials used to produce car bodies which include aluminum and alloys. these details meet the same standards as Tesla USA.

Insurance coordination Apply quickly through the 1396 vehicle repair notification system

● A Tesla Approved Body Shop (TAB) is ready to provide full paint and body repair services for Tesla vehicles. We are ready to procure necessary spare parts for the body. and coordinating with leading insurance companies To increase convenience and speed when bringing vehicles in for service, customers can request more information. Or report your car for service via the helpline, call 1396.

● Tesla started entering the Thai market at the end of 2022 by selling through online channels. There are 2 temporary showrooms: Siam Paragon Shopping Center and Central World Shopping Center with continuous growth Recently, a showroom with a full service center was opened. ‘Tesla Center’ At The Paseo Project, Ramkhamhaeng Road

● The continued increase in the number of TESLA electric cars in Thailand is an opportunity to open paint and body repair service centers. To meet the needs of TESLA electric car users, Tesla Approved Body Shop (TAB) has plans to expand additional service centers. on the potential area to support future growth

● Interested can bring your Tesla vehicle in for service at a Tesla Approved Body Shop (TAB) service center that meets today’s Tesla USA standards. For information or to report your car for service, call 1396 MMS Car Services for more details. or Facebook: or ●

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