Millionaires, to improve their offensive production and avoid more expulsions

Although Millonarios’ campaign in the Finalization Tournament has been regular, its chances of entering the group of the top eight are latent, as it is only three points away from eighth place.

However, the team led by Alberto Gamero will have to improve in several aspects if it does not want to distance itself from the possibility of qualifying for the home runs.

To begin with, today they must add and not by one point but by three against Bucaramanga, in a match valid for matchday 11 of the league.

The ‘Leopards’ are precisely one of the teams that surpass the blues by three points. They have 15 units against the capital’s 12 and are in the sixth box.

You have four wins, three draws and three losses, compared to three wins, three draws and four losses for the light blues.

The biggest difference between the protagonists of tonight’s duel in El Campín lies in offensive production. The locals have only scored 6 goals compared to 11 for the visit and conceded 10 goals compared to 7 for the ‘Leopards’.

Among the factors of concern for Millonarios is the lack of forcefulness. Until December, the team was characterized by generating many goal opportunities and converting only one or two, which were enough to win games and always stay at the top of the standings.

For the first half of this year they changed their style and became a more practical, more effective team and that earned them the 16th star.

Looking ahead to the final tournament, the managers decided not to hire reinforcements or players that would increase the payroll, but rather to maintain the constant promotion of elements formed in the lower divisions.

Likewise, coach Gamero was going to take the opportunity to try out variations and he did, as he tried with a three in the background, but not in terms of giving continuity to the youth players. Until now the only one who has been a regular starter is Sander Navarro on the right side and he doesn’t count.

For today we will have to wait and see what coach Gamero proposes, in the absence of three of his strongholds in the core sector, Daniel Giraldo, Daniel Cataño and David Silva, all three disqualified for seeing the red card.

That is another aspect that the blues must improve, avoiding so many expulsions, something that did not happen before and that characterized Millonarios for being one of the teams with the least red cards.

For the match against Bucaramanga, the light blues recover Daniel Ruiz, who will be the hook, but we will have to see who replaces Giraldo. The possibilities are several, Kliver Moreno, Dewar Victoria and Nicolás Arévalo, who does not have much of a mark but does handle the ball and can give the team a start from the back.

Álvaro Montero, Navarro and Omar Bertel must return to the goal on the sides, Andrés Llinás and Juan Pablo Vargas in the center. In the core sector Larry Vásquez, Daniel Ruiz, with Moreno, Victoria or Arévalo, plus Jader Valencia, Edgar Guerra and Leonardo Castro.

A blue victory and everything will begin to return to normal, except that the rival is very complicated.

The other match scheduled for today is the responsibility of Once Caldas and Envigado, starting at 6:15 pm


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Chosun Sports = Reporter Lee Jeong-hyuk

[스포츠조선 이정혁 기자]”Season 2 will happen… Doesn’t Yoo Seung-ho predict it?”

Photo source = Jo In-seong’s personal account

On SBS Love FM’s ‘Heo Ji-woong Show’ broadcast on the 27th, author Kang Full appeared as a guest and shared the story behind ‘Moving’ and stories about Season 2.

Author Kang Full is the original writer and screenwriter of ‘Moving,’ which recently became popular and received favorable reviews for opening a new chapter in Korean hero stories. ‘Symud’ is a series of human action that depicts the story of children living in the present while hiding their superpowers and their parents living in the past while hiding painful secrets.

On this day, Heo Ji-woong said, “I enjoyed watching ‘Move’. It was fun,” and “I actually had some doubts about it in the middle. Since the original writer is writing the drama his own, the plot is slow to But after the middle, not only me, but many people, “I think people from all over the world came together and had so much fun watching it until the end,” he began.

In response, Kang Full said, “Honestly, there were many reactions like that,” and “I’m so glad. That was the biggest concern at the beginning. He demanded 20 rounds in a situation where 20 rounds is not done. these days the longest is 12. If this is true, “If something goes wrong, isn’t it my fault to demand that? I probably received a lot of criticism,” he explained.

Kang Full, who also expressed gratitude for the acting of all the actors, mentioned Jo In-seong in particular. “The actor Jo In-seong is so good. Although he is an actor like that, he doesn’t try to convey any meaning or say cool things, but speaks comfortably like someone who has been flying since he was born. to watch it on my own. I was in ‘Move’. “That scene was so thrilling. I thought he was very good at acting,” he said.

He directly explained that expectations for season 2 have already increased as the show has become so popular. Writer Kang Full said about ‘Move’ Season 2, “It’s a bit complicated. ‘Bridge’ and ‘Hidden’, published in the webtoon, are sequels, but in order to go this way, work from the name ‘Amseru’ too, and if that happens, the story will become too broad Viewers “People will want to see the story of ‘Move,’ but if a different story suddenly appears, they will wonder, ‘What is this ?’” he replied.

‘Symud’ is a work that shares the same world view as ‘Bridge’ and ‘Times’ among the works of author Kang Full. If Season 2 comes out, content related to ‘Bridge’ and ‘Times’ must be mentioned, and if there is also mention of ‘Hidden’, which has not yet produced the original webdog, the content may be become too extensive to be contained in one term.

He continued, “If I had to answer for sure, I think it would be possible. It seems that Disney + will not let it go … but it is very urgent. We did finished last week (season 1 of ‘Moving’) and we are making plans. I asked the production team to take a sabbatical for two months. “I asked for it. The production team isn’t looking for it, but people around me are still looking for it. I also get messages from friends I met about 10 years ago. So, I intend to take a decision (regarding a sequel) within a short period of time,” he added.

Among these, the birthday of ‘Kim Young-tak’, briefly mentioned in ‘Move’, coincides with the actual birthday of actor Yoo Seung-ho, and a question was raised about speculation that he might have to choose to appear in Season 2. .

Kang Full said, “I was surprised, too. But it wasn’t something I had anticipated,” and explained, “For Kim Young-tak’s character, the production team arbitrarily added the date of birth (930817) while guessing the year of actor Kim Hee-won’s (played by Choi Il-hwan) memories of the past.”

Meanwhile, upon its release, ‘Moving’ became the most-watched Korean original series on Hulu in the US based on viewing hours in the first week of its release. In the Disney + Asia-Pacific region, including Korea, it is gaining explosive popularity, ranking as the most watched series in the first week of its release.

Major American foreign media outlets said, “A story with an emotionally compelling narrative. The solid story continues to drive interest” (Forbes), “Asia-born blockbuster follows ‘Squid Game'” (Variety), “The factors success for ‘Moving’ has excellent casting, impressive visual effects, and an engaging story,” said (COLLIDER) Reporter Lee Jeong-hyeok

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