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Millions of rupees saved, sunglasses, sneakers, clean shave: Taliban change radically

by news dir

Kabul : Taliban seize control of Afghanistan Mass protests against the Taliban are taking place in Afghanistan. But the Taliban are establishing their power through brutal repression. Thousands have fled Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s policy is that women should not work and should not go out without the presence of men or travel without wearing a burqa. But now the focus on social media is on the Taliban’s radical changes. The Taliban is now coming up with a new look and feel.

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After coming to power, the Taliban reiterated that they were protecting the country from foreign forces and protecting the rights of women and minorities. The Taliban has been active on social media as part of its efforts to improve its image.

The Taliban is reported to have achieved greater economic growth in 2021 than in previous years. The Taliban have been able to raise money for their missions. The Taliban have amassed millions of rupees through various armed insurgencies.

An interview with a Taliban member was aired by a female presenter on the Tolo News Channel after the Afghan conquest. In addition to the interview with the Taliban, TV Journalists also reported news from the streets of Kabul. Some say this did not happen during the previous Taliban regime and is now an indication of the growing popularity of Taliban policy. Girls’ education and TV in the country. Observers point to Taliban practices that have banned people from watching shows and enjoying music.

In the old videos, senior Taliban members were dressed in traditional attire and had long beards. But in many videos, new Taliban members appear clean-shaven and wearing new clothes. With this, trolls are spreading on social media that the dress code of the Taliban is not so simple. The trolls are getting attention, including the price details of expensive clothing and sunglasses. The Taliban’s youth are also using a cheetah sneaker, which is used even by athletes. The Taliban also use social media.

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