Min-ah Jo said that baking bread with a coin is the know-how… Now and part-time

Minah Jo’s bakery hygiene controversy ‘reigns’
He said his own ‘know-how’ on the blog.
Now, “Part-timers put 500 won and baked them”

Jo Min-ah’s hygiene controversy re-ignites / Photo = SBS Plus, online community

The controversy rekindled after she explained about the hygiene controversy at the bakery she used to run in the past.

Jo Min-ah, who appeared on SBS Plus ‘Love Master Season 2’, which aired on the 25th of last month, heard that there were many ‘chungs’ in four weeks. Naengdosa (Park Seong-joon), a fortune teller, mentioned about Jo Min-ah, “It was a lot of bumps and bumps here and there. My luck was messed up.”

Jo Min-ah said, “I debuted at the age of 11. From then on, I was worried. What should I do with the rent next month? My father was running a business and it didn’t go well. I found someone to make money in the family. I thought about whether I should pay the monthly rent,” he said.

When there was a big rumor around 2015~2018, Minah Jo explained that she had run a bakery atelier. He said, “I did it as a hobby for nearly 10 years, and then I got a certification as a confectioner and baker. I like to share it with others, so I started doing what I liked for a long time. It was my first business, so I didn’t cope very well. It was really hard.”

About the controversial incident at the time, Jo Min-ah said, “A part-timer said that he was putting on parchment paper, so I put 500 won and baked it. It was posted on the part-timer’s personal SNS, but I said I did it. I said no one by one. But no one listened.” revealed

He said, “More than 500 reports were made to the hygiene department. They said it was unsanitary, but the staff had nothing to do. I report it every day. There was a lot of controversy.” It was the first time I was hated, so I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

'Love Master' Jo Min-ah / Photo = SBS Plus

‘Love Master’ Jo Min-ah / Photo = SBS Plus

Netizens who watched the broadcast commented, “Are you bragging about posting a 500 won coin on your blog as if it’s your know-how and then suddenly blaming the part-timer?”, “Your own know-how is stuffed. It’s hard to say an apology”, “Time They say it’s over. Don’t blame others, you should really reflect”, “Even if it was a part-time job, he should have said that he would correct it if he did it at the store he ran. What would you do if you were the boss and people insulted me?” criticized

In January 2015, Jo Min-ah posted a picture of baking dacquoise with a 500-won coin beside it, and wrote, “When I first baked dacquoise, it was said that the dough was completely covered due to the fever. This is the know-how I got.”

As the controversy grew, he explained, “It’s too much for you to drive me to the photo that I tested with a coin as if it was baked with a coin for sale.”

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