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Min Ji-young “A child who came to him like a miracle in the forty, fell away from her husband after a miscarriage”[대만신들]

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Actor Min Ji-young confessed that the Honeymoon Baby who came to him like a miracle has lost her relationship with her husband as the miscarriage.

Min Ji-young appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel’Taiwanese Gods of the Age’, which was released on the 4th.

Min Ji-young, who married her husband at the age of 40 at the age of 1 and married her husband for 3 years, said, “While’love and war’, I said that I would not marry even if I died, but I was blinded by mistake for a while and married. He is filming’war. It’s not easy,’ he introduced himself and informed about the current situation.

He said, “It’s been a while since the work of’Love and War’ ended, but many people still miss and love the actor Min Ji-young, who appeared in’Love and War’, so I feel the happiness of the fans and are living every day.”

Min Ji-young confessed his grievances about the’Namcheon Tree’ that he brought into the house. It is said that from the moment when the tree was placed in the house because of her husband’s torch, they started fighting for a couple 365 days.

Mansin said, “The tree is not good. It is better not to put a large tree in the house. It takes energy and eats it.”

In addition, he said about the grievances of marriage, “I and my husband were unmarried, but I got married by an unavoidable fate. After I got married, the thought that the tsunami drove this place, rather than destroying this place, but continued to be hit by the calm waves, causing motion sickness. There was a lot,” he confessed.

Along with this, Min Ji-young confessed, “I am hungry even in the midst of a couple fight, so if I ask to eat and fight, I want to eat pasta in the midst of it.

At this, the man gods asked, “Are you perverts?” and aroused laughter.

In addition, Min Ji-young said, “I don’t know why and I’m so frustrated, but somehow I have a friend I can share my heart with now in my life, but it’s full of things I don’t like. But without this person, I can’t do anything.” Showed.

In addition, “I met numerous husbands and mother-in-law characters and played female roles, which is why I was more proud of my marriage. I have experienced so much that I am confident that I will be able to keep my family well and go through it no matter what happens. “I thought,’If I try to do it, I’ll never live a life like love and war.’ Because’Love and War’ always started with love and ended with divorce. I was so proud of myself. That was wrong.” Explained.

In particular, Min Ji-young also confessed the pain of her miscarriage. He said, “I got married at the age of 40 and Honeymoon Baby came to me like a miracle, and it became a miscarriage.” I confessed, “I think I lost,” and made the people around me sad.


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