‘Min Woo Hyuk’ reveals his heart about playing ‘Doctor Roy Kim’ in Doctor Cha with changes that can be felt. after the famous series

Just finished with a famous series ‘Doctor Cha’ which in addition to becoming the Talk Of The Town series in Korea, abroad, including Thailand This series is also the birthplace of many actors. And one of them would be inevitable. ‘Min Woo Hyuk’ A young actor who has been active in the entertainment industry for many decades. it plays a role ‘Doctor Roy Kim’ A young surgeon who is physically and mentally healthy. that one day, fate brought him to be part of the family relationship Seo In Ho (played by Kim Byung Chul) aCha Jung Suk (played by Uhm Jung Hwa)

After this series ends on June 4th. The young actor also had the opportunity to give an interview through the media. he revealed his feelings after the series ended.

When asked about his feelings after the end of the series, Min Woo Hyuk he revealed that “Since the filming I never thought that the series would be so beautiful. Myself and Dr. Roy Kim’s character received much more love than expected. Getting so much attention and love out of this role that it’s almost hard to believe this is real.”

Later, Min Woo Hyuk mentioned the reason why. Director Kim Dae Jin Select him to take this role. “Doctor Roy Kim is a character who enters the relationship between Seo In Ho (played by Kim Byung Chul) and Cha Jung Sook (played by Uhm Jung Hwa), I think the person who will play Dr. Roy Kim. a character and body that is completely different from Yma Yn Ho, that is, tall and good at sports. When we first met the director told me he thought ‘This Min Woo Hyuk is Doctor Roy Kim.’ yes”

When asked about checking the reaction stream after Doctor Cha aired, he said, “I rarely check the feedback. But the director took care of me from the first casting. Many people were worried about casting the role of Dr Roy Kim because it was such an important role. But the director hopes that by choosing me to play this role I will do well. The director cares so much about me He hoped my performance would be good. More than he expected the series to go well again. While talking and greeting each other, I waited to see the audience’s feedback. I thought it was a relief that I responded as well as the attention the director gave to the role of Doctor Roy Kim.” and further said that “Most of the feedback I’ve seen ‘I’d like to have my own Doctor Roy Kim’ Something like this.” (laughs)

Of course, this role in the series was a turning point in his life. He then talks about the changes that are evident in the theater stage where he performs. “I was shocked to see the number of empty seats in the theatre. I felt that I received a lot of love from the role of Dr. Roy Kim. With the popularity of this series more than any of my works, I no longer feel jealous of idols.” He also shared his family’s feelings about the popularity of the series a little. “My grandmother is very happy and proud. He always said that after waking up always have breakfast. My parents, they like it. And you seem to be seeing your friends more often these days.” (laughter)

In addition, Min Hyuk ended up playing the character of Doctor Roy Kim. “I think there are many people who like and love the role of Dr. Roy Kim. And I was glad that this character received that love. I want to hug him once and tell him he deserves this love.”

as a child Min Woo Hyuk Used to be a baseball player for ten years, then in 2003 debuted as a singer by singing an OST for the series. My Fair Lady After that, in 2013, he started acting in stage plays like Les Miserables, Wicked and Frankenstein and he received overwhelming love on stage Many of you may be familiar with his singing on music programs such as Immortal Song 2 and reality shows Man of the House Mr And in 2023, the young actor plays a role Doctor Roy Kim in the series Doctor Cha This was a significant turning point in his actor’s life.

Doctor Cha (Doctor Cha) is a series that tells the life story of Jung Suk Cha a married woman But she has a dream that she wants to achieve, which is to become a doctor and live her own life. At the same time, chaotic events and stories caused by Here In Ho Her unfaithful husband had started. which on 4 June, the past ended successfully with a high score at the end 18.546% which is the 7th highest rated series of all time on cable channels. Fans of the series who are interested can go and watch the fun at Netflix at all

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