Minami Katsu passed the first week in a good position “within 20th place” “If you go in the second half, definitely”[Taith LPGA Merched yr Unol Daleithiau]| GDO Golf Digest Online

Katsu Minami turned in 17th place in the Q series (last qualifying round) competing for the right to participate in the US women’s tour. Noted a total of 10 less in the first four days. After the second day, I lined up under par, and on this day I went around the Falls course with a “68”. In the top 20 positions which will give you many opportunities to participate next season, we will go into the second week of the game starting on the 8th (Thursday).

Released from the unique tension, Katsu let out a sigh. “I’m relieved it’s finally over. I’m glad it wasn’t broken.” After four days, the top 70 draws (100 participants) passed the first week. The passing line is always a concern, and of course Crossings said the day before, “I was in danger when I was ranked 53 on the first and second day.”It was “66 ” has calmed down the play of the day.


There were reportedly doubts about the typically strong inside route until just before the final round of the domestic tour, the Tour Championship Ricoh Cup, which they defeated in the play-offs the previous week. Usually I deal with it by taking a stance that opens to the left and taking it to the right, but I’m going back to my roots, saying, “It’s easy to swing. “I was able to reaffirm that what I’ve been doing is right for me. First of all, I’ve learned that it’s important to keep doing what I set out to do.” It’s not just the scores leading into the remaining four days.

Even in the first challenge series Q, the strong heart is alive and well. “I think I was able to play the rounds as usual.

Today I especially wanted to play (in the United States). I was going around imagining that. I wanted to go.” One more step to stand on the stage of the dream.



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