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‘Mine’ Lee Bo-young, a solo lovely dress in upper class black clothes

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In tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama’Mine’, Lee Bo-young presents a different dress code.

The second daughter-in-law Lee Bo-young (Seo Hee-soo)’s dress stands out while revealing the scene of the party of Hyowon’s family, where you can glimpse the daily life of the upper class in’Mine’, which is scheduled for the first broadcast on the 8th.

In the photo released on the 8th, the Hyowon family banquet is contained in a luxurious family gathering like a chaebol family. Under the dazzling chandelier, Hyowon Group Chairman Han (Jeong Dong-hwan), the family sits side by side, and the maids go back and forth rushing to guess that it is a party of an extraordinary size.

Above all, while the first daughter-in-law Kim Seo-hyung (Jeong Seo-hyun) and most of her family were unified in black costumes, the only one who was wearing a scarlet dress, attracting attention with her first daughter-in-law showing her shoulders. Lee Bo-young, who shines alone in achromatic color, does not follow established formalities or norms, and represents her personality in Hyowon-ga, who lives according to her beliefs.

In addition, another thing that attracts attention at this party is the blue diamond placed in the hand of the hall. As soon as the jewel appears, it emits a brilliant glow and is expected to capture the attention of everyone in the banquet hall at once. This raises questions about why Chairman Han showed off the jewel on the spot.

In addition, private tutor Ok Ja-kyung (Ja-kyung Kang), who is watching these families from a distance, is also unusual. Her presence as if looking at it as if they were searching is adding tension to the party.

How much Lee Bo-young’s dress will be evaluated, and what will be the aftermath of the blue diamond, which has become another protagonist of the party, is expected to be an exciting development. Broadcast at 9 pm on the 8th.

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