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“Minecraft” 1.19 “Wilder Update” Frog and Tadpole debut, updated in 2022 | 4Gamers

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The second half of the “Minecraft” cave cliff update version 1.18 has not yet arrived. The official announced the 1.19 version of “The Wild Update” in the live broadcast last weekend, which mainly focuses on the environment of the swamp ecosystem and the jailer beast. It is expected to debut in 2022.

In the live broadcast, the Mojang team first announced the “Deep Dark Cities” (Deep Dark Cities), which is a dungeon full of Sculk moss, which also means that this will be the previously disclosed “Warden” haunt. Players can also collect Sculk moss as building materials, or make interesting scary boxes.


In terms of swamps, 1.19 will add a new mangrove ecosystem, which is a unique swamp area full of mangroves, and players can also build new cargo ships (put boxes on the ship), and also Clay can be used as a new building material “mud brick”.




The last part is the biological part. In 1.19, “frogs”, “tadpoles” and “fireflies” will be added. Cute frogs will appear near the water, jump to the lotus leaf, and feed on the fireflies, and the fireflies are there. “Two points” in the sky, One of the points that will glow is the butt

It is worth mentioning that frogs also have different colors, such as tropical frogs are gray.




The official emphasized that although part of the 1.18 update of the “Minecraft” cave cliff was put into 1.19, after the addition of a deeper cave environment in 1.18, it will be directly updated on the player’s current map of 1.17 as a deeper adventure location. In other words, the player will find that a deeper cave system will automatically be generated below the previously explored area.

“Minecraft” version 1.19 “The Wild Update” (The Wild Update) is expected to debut in 2022.


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