Minecraft joins Dungeons and Dragons

Mojang continues to deliver exciting new collaborations for Minecraft, and after a series of more unexpected collaborations, it’s time for something that looks like a perfect fit. It was revealed late yesterday during a short D&D stream that Minecraft have“A dramatic story”. .

The press release says we can expect“Explore iconic locations in the Forgotten Lands, such as Icewind Dale and Candelabra, and battle watchers, replicants, and more”– actually, that sounds really good. Riccardo Lenzi, senior producer at Mojang Studios, had this to say about the collaboration:

“We are so excited to partner with Wizards of the Coast on the new story-driven Dungeons and Dragons DLC for Minecraft! We can’t wait for the community to dive in and experience the world of D&D.”

Check out the short demo video below. It’s a lot more D&D than you might think.


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