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Time comes to the last month of 2021, and Microsoft’s finale “Halo Infinite” will be launched on December 9. Following the actual test of the “Last Battle: Infinite” campaign preview, this time it will directly bring a complete campaign test, and be the first to smell the fragrance before it goes on the market.

In order to maintain a complete plot experience,ThroughoutSharing without mine, no plot or world view setting involved, just walk through the system directlyWhat can you expect from “The Last Battle: Infinite”?


Let me mention something interesting first.

“The Last Battle: Infinite” uses the familiar Taiwan dubbing, not only the script has a special design, but also I don’t forget to complain about myself. I saw this scene halfway through the game (The following figure); It can’t be said that there is only a knowing smile, but a direct smile at all.

The most beautiful scenery in the world, the official takes the lead in voicing.

Unfinished plot, foreshadowing hidden mystery

The plot time maintains the consistent linearity and length arrangement of the series. If players choose to play only the main plot line, they will be able to see the ending in about 10 hours. Take the author’s complete plot of about 20 hours as an example, including some branches and spending time looking for skeletons and super fighter cores, and the completion rate is less than 50%.

The plot of “The Last Battle: Infinite” portrays the more human side of the Sergeant, but it does not mean that the Sergeant will forgive any enemy!

Similar to the previous “Last Battle” series, there are various mission goals in the plot process. If you want to achieve the goal, remove “all” obstacles. Although the plot explains a lot of key details, it is not too difficult for novices to enter.

The overall arrangement is considered by both new and old players. Looking closely at some of the foreshadowings, it is obvious that there are more secrets hidden in the Zeta ring. The chief sergeant has the opportunity to fully reveal the face of the story in the future (perhaps expanded content).




No matter if the branch line works or not? OK, but the solution gets stronger!

The previous article (web link) has already mentioned a lot of side content, this time I will talk more about the advantages of side tasks and the benefits that may be fermented in the later stage. first! Resolve specific targets on the map to obtain modified weapons, which is more advantageous in terms of play.

Feeling the difficulty is too low halfway through the fight, or want to try the skull effect you just got?No problem, change it now!

The automatic saving of “The Last Battle: Infinite” is very frequent, and the difficulty of the game can be adjusted by re-reading the files at any time. As long as the player jumps back to the main menu and selects to load the archive, the difficulty can be adjusted or the skeleton effect can be applied.

Unlock the requisition!

Bazooka, it’s a car

Take the modified bazooka shown in the figure below as an example, it has both the locking target, the tracking effect after launch, plus the requisition and unlocking items, and the whole thing is twice the result with half the effort.

In short, each weapon has a modified and enhanced version, which has an increasing effect on attacking powerful enemies. The following is a schematic diagram of the transformation of the rocket launcher.



In addition, in addition to the requisition of the powerful vehicle Scorpio. You can also requisition a backstab Boar carrying 5 marines, and have all the marines put on a modified bazooka, and a powerful mobile artillery that no one can approach is complete!

The vehicle rocket launcher, whoever bumps into it will be embarrassed!

Grappling hook, good use

In the skill part, the later level is full, and the attack mode is more changeable.

Take the grappling hook as an example. Once it reaches the highest level, the moving grappling hook can be used to hit hard and stun all enemies within the range by pressing and holding the melee attack. This action is basically an enhanced version of the five generations of staying in the air and thumping the ground plus electric shock! readily!

The left side of the picture below shows the grappling hook full of waiting, and the other side is the grappling hook hanging down.

06-1 06-2

Collect voice data, dig the easter egg

On the map, you can scan specific ruins to get more information, which will help you understand the secrets of the belt; you can find armor storage cabinets, and you can also unlock customized content such as armor coatings and badges used in multiplayer mode.

Skulls familiar to players of all generations.

Armor storage cabinet to unlock armor for multiplayer games.

Craig is back as an Easter egg 🎉

Among the large number of Easter eggs included in this game, the ghost face beast meme nicknamed Craig by the screenshots when it was released in 2020, the official has not previously excluded public mention in the interview, but also somewhere in this “Last Battle: Infinite” Designed a band performance stage.

Guests, please applaud and encourage us, let us welcome Craig~


Craig tour schedule.
Craig plays on the stage.

Introduction to other modes besides the battle

Along with the campaign mode in the official version, there are schools, multiplayer mode and custom armor.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, it is strongly recommended to participate in the training mode before playing against others. Here are basic courses, weapon training, and related animation introductions, allowing you to become proficient in weapons and challenge high scores.

When I live and learn, I will go to school.

“The Last Battle: Infinite”, the multiplayer game is free to play

The balance adjustments on the weapons and the multiplayer mode can be downloaded for free. It can be said to be the most interesting and most suitable generation for players to get started in the past.

Used to using grappling hooks in campaign mode? ,Notice! Grappling hooks are limited resources in multiplayer games, and there are restrictions on the number of times they can be used; arrangements such as these make multiplayer games more challenging and gameplay.

Due to the shield setting in the “Last War” series, you need to break the shield first for the gun. The longer TTK greatly reduces the threshold for beginners to get started, and they will die if they don’t meet.

Incidentally, it is suitable for the 12v12 large-scale team battles that are suitable for the first time, leisure or just want to play cool, including the flag battle, the killing battle, etc. It should be good to go home and touch a few rounds every day.

If you are a competitive player, the ranking mode is recommended; the initial weapon uses the BR combat rifle and does not display the radar. The level of the tablet is given according to the performance of the personal record, and the tactics and operations of the team to master resources are relatively important.

Customized armor and weapon paintings are all coming

The appearance of the player can be customized in the multiplayer connection mode. Including armor and weapons, the paint and special effects can be changed; the unlocked appearance obtained in the battle can also be changed here. The battle pass, which is launched seasonally, uses online battles to accumulate experience to upgrade the level and unlock the appearance. It will not expire without a time limit.

“The Last Battle: Infinite” lesson gold is mainly based on the appearance of the purchase, a rhythm that allows you to play the multiplayer mode without spending money as long as you don’t care about the appearance.

That being said, some of the looks are really cool and interesting. Sorry for the wallet, I really need that cool thing! (Editor’s note: I really bought it before I finished writing 😂)

Customize the armor screen.

Samurai appearance, handsome.

Excellent work without flaws

Until the plot is completely broken, the pass is full, etc., this strongly feels the ambition of the development team; from the current point of view, “The Last Battle: Infinite” is the beginning of a new series. The story of Zeta Ring is not over yet, and more plots can be expected. Will be expanded in the future.

The overall system and operation can be said to live up to expectations, the basic structure of the game experience is smooth, and it can be said to be a well-performing work. If you have to say it, it’s a pity that some functions will only be added after the listing, such as the battle cooperation mode.

After all, the battle cooperation mode is a memory of old players, like a BOSS who is bickering while challenging the legendary difficulty. Another point is the reward part of the free multiplayer game. I look forward to seeing more complete additional rewards.

“The Last Battle: Infinite” will be officially unlocked at 2 a.m. Taiwan time on December 9th. It corresponds to the platforms PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and joins Xbox Game Pass on the first day of listing.

“Brothers, come on! We will fight forever.”



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